Unbelievable Casting Skills


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Dec 25, 2007
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My son and I read an add in the paper for a Fly Tying Class and we thought that it sounded fun . Neither of knew how to fly fish so soon (upon completion of that class) we took a fly casting class. Well my son picks things up allot faster than his old man but I do alright until I start thinking about it.
So I am out on Hot Creek and my casting is starting to look pretty pathetic . I am fighting the wind and the the bush behind me when I get hung up on my back cast and my Tent Wing Caddis (that took me 1/2 hour to make) snaps off on a bush. I go to look for it and the bush is 20yds behind me. I looked for five minutes then gave up. I went back and tied an identical fly on and preceded to cast again . Everything went went well except upon finishing the cast I noticed that I snagged a leaf off that dang bush behind me. I retrieved my line and there on my fly was the other fly that I lost! The first back cast and my barb less hook snags the wing of the lost fly . Hows that for precision casting:smiley_yahoo:True story , just too long:smiley_doh:

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