Universal Charge Bar/MEC Reloader

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Dec 12, 2002
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The I bought a Universal Charge Bar for my MEC Shotshell Reloader back in 1994 and a newer model with the rubber "dog bone" insert a few years ago. There has been a lot of discussion on other forums about the benefits of using these bars. The versatility of this UCB in developing hunting loads without having to buy a bunch of bushings was the initial reason I bought both of these bars. There has also been a lot of discussion about just how accurate the drops have to be. I have always felt the shot side was close enough. The powder side, however was all over the place no matter what washer/spacer combination I used between the baffle and bar. If any of you are using the UCB and are not satisfied with the accuracy of the unit let me know and I will post some photos on how to improve this. These mods are a simple and low cost fix.
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