*** Upgrade Owl PF 35 mm to Digital Canon S100? ***


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Apr 5, 2006
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I'd like to upgrade my deer cam with a digital camera.

1. I bought a Canon S100 2.1 mpixels, but now I maybe changing my mind and going with something better, or is the S100 a good camera. I bought in hopes of following Brian's instructions, but he stops short of showing how to hook it up to a controller?

2. I was thinking about purchasing one of the following camera's instead:
-Sony P32
-Sony P52
Would one of these camera's be better? I'm thinking it would be, because there's a good set of instructions for rigging the P32. And, if necessary, I could purchase the Pixcontroller LE, LE II, or Universal Board. Which controller would be best.

I can say this, for my 35 mm set up, my controller is setup as follows, and worked great!

- PIR trips as a deer walks by, 2 secon delay
- Picture is taken
- Waits 8 - 12 hours
- Resets for next photo

Any suggestions, or recommendations?

Attached picture is my 35 mm setup...


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