Upgrage time for my .22


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May 27, 2012
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The Marlin semi-auto, mdl 795, that I got a few years ago has served me well & got me back into shooting. After 1200 to 1500 rounds it feels time to move on. CZ's Trainer model is looking damn nice, but there are some other bolt action .22LR Rifles that I might have overlooked?

Since primary purpose is target practice; to help with breathing & focus without the expense & recoil of the 30-06.
Bolt action seems to be the main choice.
Also the lower quality ammo has me frustrated, since I can get some ammo now (but not the CCI MiniMag or any other that gives consistent performance). If I'm going to have to cough up for "Match Grade" ammo I want a rifle that's up to the task.

400 is a comfortable price point. For the Marlin bolt gun its temping to save some money (& Savage et al), but so much I read about the the CZ line makes me think that its has and edge on price/performance =value..

FYi: I also have a Browning BL .22 that is huge fun to shoot, the Mossberg 20ga pump (that gets the most use) & a Vanguard 30-06.

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