Urgent Call To Action: <br />SB-1130 To Be Heard By Florida Senate Any

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Jul 20, 2006
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Senate Bill 1130 by Senator Durell Peaden (R-Crestview) will be heard on the SENATE FLOOR SOON!

For three years we have fought corporate giants and big business bullies. They want ban firearms and prohibit you from parking in publicly accessible parking lots if you have a firearm locked in your car or truck for protection while traveling to and from shopping, work, or where ever your daily routine takes you.

This is a WAR for your safety and your firearms freedom. Your right to have a firearm in your locked car or truck when you park in a publicly accessible parking lot is on the line. Whether your firearm rights live or die is NOW up to the Senate.

The bill protects your right to have a firearm locked in your vehicle for self-defense and other lawful purposes when it is parked in a publicly accessible business parking lot.

It is time to start sending email to ALL members of the Florida Senate to let them know how important this bill is to law-abiding gun owners who carry firearms in their vehicles for protection and other lawful purposes.


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