Used my shotgun after taking coyote pictures.


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Nov 21, 2009
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Today I went to check on two of my trail cameras that have been out for over two months.

About 400 yards down a big canyon from one of the trail Cameras is a great coyote calling spot that I have called in 10 to 12 coyotes in the last 8 years or so.

The bottom of the canyon is about 100 yards wide and I set up in the rocks about 15 yards up the side of the canyon, so I was looking down on the canyon bottom.

I had called for 8 to 10 minutes and switched to Jack Rabbit distress. After playing Jack Rabbit distress for a few minutes I cranked it up to full volume for about 1 minute and then lowered the volume down to 25.

Just a minute or two later I saw a coyote come over a ridge about 400 yards away. When the coyote got closer to the call he circled around it to get on the down wind side. I was about 20 yards downwind of my Foxpro so that put the coyote right between me and my caller.

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When I took the last above picture the coyote was about 10 yards straight down wind of my Foxpro and caller bag. So it was time to drop the camera and grab the shotgun.
49250572298_3b70108771_c.jpgIMG_3352 by, on Flickr
I got one more coyote with my rifle when it was paying to much attention to some cattle.

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