Utah Cow Elk Hunts


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Mar 20, 2010
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We offer both guided and DIY cow elk hunts on private ranches, including the cow elk voucher.

Urge2hunt has 5 cow elk vouchers for a private ranch with dry ag near Morgan, Utah. This is a 5 day guided hunt in Nov and Dec with very high success as the elk in the area all come into our fields to feed every day. Meals and lodging are on your own in nearby Morgan. The guides will field dress and get the animals to your truck or butcher. $1,750 per hunter.
Only 5 spots for this ranch total, so call now and your group can have them all and book your first choice dates.

5 day DIY cow elk vouchers on large private ranch with hunt dates from Nov 1 - Jan 31. Camp on ranch or stay in nearby Coalville, Utah. You'll be shown the ranch boundaries and how best to hunt it. You'll have the ranch to yourselves.
$1,295 per hunter

NR license is $65
NR cow tag is $218 (guaranteed tag)


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