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cedar N sandy

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Mar 20, 2001
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I have access to hundreds of acres of basically virgin varmint hunting land and would like a little advice on getting started. I trap at one place just because of the numbers of coyotes I see during deer season. But as you know a yote is hard to catch. I went out one night with a friend and a cottontail distress call with a speaker out on the roof of the truck and called a fox up in less than 5 minutes but the yotes are what I am after. We were more or less playing around but I see a need to remove several yotes.
Each area I hunt has fields or powerline cuts thru them. How would late evening hunting with a call
and a fine tuned .223 Rem. Sendero sound. My interest would be in daylight hours but nightime hunting is not out of the question.
Thanks for any advice you can throw back east!


there is a pretty good website that has some good info in it... check it out

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