Vietnam vet admits his war heroics fabricated. Busted after 4th of July TV interview


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Sep 5, 2002
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It's been a crime to impersonate an officer for eons, but it took until 2006 to enact similar legislation regarding one's veteran status and awards? Sheesh.

And I have a flag that was flown over Baghdad. It was a gift from a buddy who's serving. It would be illegal for me to sell it. Yet I can sell a Purple Heart award or a Distinguished Service Cross? There's something very, very wrong with our sense of values in America.


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Feb 20, 2004
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I read the book "Stolen Valors" very interesting read,I must say!!! Alot of people have been caught doing this and some never served a day of their life in the military!
First name to come to mind is "Brain Dennehy" an actor whom played many great parts in movies- "Sheriff" in First Blood-"Alian" in Cocoon........
He flat out lied that he was a Marine vet and never was!! It just makes a person puke hearing about that kind of breed of people!
As a Vet and with many buddies buried because of war,I have no pity for people that do this crap!

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