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Jul 25, 2001
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I have a old Vivitar 2800 flash that I bought years ago. I decided since I do not use it any more to rewire the battery compartment and take a few readings on it. While at idle it did not draw(.1 ua). Switch back to amp scale and correct wire plug and fire flash and it drew 2 amps charging up cap. Notice too that flash recharge amps were as low as .4 amps if flash was faced toward a well lite area.(auto flash works good) Notice also that ready light goes off after a couple min. I will do future test like if left on 24 hrs does flash stays charged and how long does it last just sitting in the on position. I have to leave for the next 4 days and when I get back I will do my testing and let you know.
(I think the flash cap loses its charge and does not recharge on own)

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If you cycle the on /off switch it recharges the cap. I was suppose to have left a hour ago.

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