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Mar 12, 2001
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New Software Lets You Have Conversations with Pocket PCs

Fonix Corp.'s new VoiceCentral software lets users run Pocket PC-equipped Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) through voice interaction.  The software enables the devices to read aloud e-mails, tasks, calendar information, contact information and more.  

Fonix VoiceCentral comes with twelve male or female Text-To-Speech (TTS) voices that clearly pronounce any text.  Users can adjust pitch, speed, and volume to customize a particular voice to personal preferences.  To accomplish Automatic Voice Recognition (ASR), VoiceCentral offers advanced Speaker-Independent (SI) technology that enables users to begin talking to their PDA with no voice training necessary, as well as Speaker Dependent (SD) technology allowing users the flexibility to verbally assign nicknames to applications or contacts.  

VoiceCentral allows direct command of native Pocket PC applications and installs into a PDA main memory or to any storage card, giving users flexibility in storage requirements.  The application runs on any PocketPC 2002 device with an Intel®  StrongARM (SA-1110 or PXA250) processor, and requires 2 MB device memory (minimum) or 11 MB for all voices.  A docking cradle or other connection and ActiveSync® 3.1 are also necessary.  VoiceCentral loads on to any desktop PC with Microsoft Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP and 10 MB available disk space.  

Fonix VoiceCentral is currently available for purchase via the Fonix website, http://www.fonix.com.  Consumers will also be able to buy VoiceCentral at CompUSA, Handango, Fry's Electronics, as well as a variety of online retailers, beginning in mid-August.  

The manufacturer's suggested retail price for VoiceCentral is $39.95; however, customers currently owning another Fonix product can purchase VoiceCentral for $34.95.

(Source: allNetDevices)

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