Vortex Diamonback 12x50 Bino's mini-review.


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Just a quick thumbs up for these binoculars. They are clear, bright, and the 12x power makes for great long distance viewing, with decent fov at closer ranges. I have lots of scopes in Nikon, Zeiss, Steiner, Leupold, and Bushnell, but these are my first Vortex product. I have to say, the glass is comparable to the mid level Nikon and Leupold glass. These binos are very stout, thickly armoured, and well made. Vortex has a great no questions asked lifetime warranty, too. Snagged them for $159 on a Cabelas blowout sale. These are the 2015 model, not the newer 2016 redesigned version. Great binos for the price.


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I have the "New" Diamondback 10x50s. I returned the "Old" 10x42s when I saw the new Diamondbacks came in a 50mm. They are really clear and great for freehanding (I can't freehand 12s very well). The only gripe I have is the original Diamondback's eyecups were much more comfortable. I bury binos into my eye sockets and these aren't padded very well, leading to some discomfort. But, you can't beat the quality of glass for the price.


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PS, don't sleep on their little 8x28's DiamondBacks! The glass thru those is sharper than my 10x42's from them. (Go figure that one, eh?) And you get a super stable view at 8x by hand. They have 19mm eye relief so you press them against your brow bone.. this allows you to criss-cross interlock the fingers of your hands into each other and have both index fingers wedge against your forehead above the brow bone providing a very stable triangulation of contact points for it to rest against.

Better than both of these though?... My Bushnell 10x42 Legend Ultra HD Monocular. Has a tripod mount built into it on its bottom. Has a separate focus adjuster that rides above the "barrel". Has a flip-down Objective lense cover, and a tethered eyepiece cover. Can be had like $179-$189

Because of how much I like the Bushnell Monocular, I've been sorely tempted to by their Binos in this same line. They've been showing up in feed Ads while browsing for like $222 and if the glass is like the monocular... it's a steal! But personally I'll have to wait a bit and pay off other stuff at the moment.

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