VOTE - Best Muley Or Blacktail Deer Pic

Best Muley Or Blacktail Deer Pic

  • wildebeast - buck

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  • wildebeast for vinemaplesavage - buck

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  • GPo - muley buck

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  • AimHigh - blacktail buck

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  • davered1 - muley buck

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Mar 11, 2001
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Thank you all who entered pics.

Voting is open to all members of the forum. Please vote for one name for our game cam pic contest here. One vote only, if you vote more than once for each category you will be disqualified. If you recruit other people to pad your vote it will be easy to see and you will be out. Let's keep it fair.

Please hold all replies until the voting is over. We'll then open up the pic threads for comments. Just vote now.

We'll keep the voting open for a week and close it Sunday night, Dec 7, 2003.

You'll need to look at the "Best Muley Or Blacktail Deer Pic" thread with all the pics to make your choice. Here is the link.

It will help to have a piece of paper and pen to keep track of your voting. If you are on a slow dial up you can visit your local library where most have high speed access. Get on someway to vote if possible, we want everyone to get a vote here.

Good luck to all that entered.
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