W sapped '90s econ gains - Hil


Jun 10, 2002
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W sapped '90s econ gains - Hil
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Monday, July 29th, 2002

Previewing an expected Democratic campaign theme in the fall elections, Sen. Hillary Clinton said yesterday that President Bush and congressional Republicans have squandered the economic gains made when her husband was President.

"It's harder to imagine a faster, more heartbreaking turnaround than the one we've seen," she said.

Addressing the Democratic Leadership Council, an organization promoting centrist policies and politicians, Clinton (D-N.Y.) cited upbeat statistics from the 1990s, ranging from the creation of 42 million jobs to 7 million people leaving poverty to the elimination of the federal budget deficit.

"Now some have recently called that record a binge," she said, referring to Bush's characterization of the go-go '90s and corporate excesses, which he said resulted in the stock-market collapse.

"I am reminded of what Abraham Lincoln once said, when his commanders complained about Ulysses S. Grant's binges. 'Find out,' he said, 'what brand of whiskey Grant drinks, because I'm going to send a barrel to each of my generals.'"

Clinton added, "If all of the arrows that were pointing up are now pointing down, and those that were headed down are going back up, blame cannot and should not be placed at the feet of those who led our nation during one of the greatest periods of prosperity and progress in our nation."

Clinton did not mention that the first steps of the recession and the stock-market swoon began in the closing days of her husband's administration.

A senior Bush official shrugged off Clinton's broadsides as election-year partisan politics.

"We recognize as we get closer to the election that there will be an increasing tug to the left on the part of the Democrats. But 25% of the Senate's Democrats voted with the President for tax relief that is helping turn this economy around," he said.

Clinton took pains to say she and other Democrats support the President in the war on terrorism, but without ever mentioning Bush's name, she repeatedly slammed him and Republicans on pocketbook issues, saying they lack an economic plan and blindly repeat calls for bigger tax cuts and weaker regulation of business.

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