Wackin & Stackin @ BBL


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Mike and I headed to BBL today with his boat with a built up platform, got on the water about 8am and headed to a spot and once we got there it was on!! FULL SPAWN mode we couldn't shoot fast enough, fish were everywhere!!! Wind picked up pretty strong early though by about 10am so we headed into a cove and there they were in the shallow weeds just splashing around!! We ended up filling a 40 gal trash can between the two of us!! What an awesome day! Luckily we had about 10+ pull offs or we wouldn't of known what to do with the extra fish haha
Thanks again Mike and great shooting out there!!!
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Nice haul man, Im jealous.. Any word on the crawfishin up there? Ive been thinking about buying a crawfish trap and heading up there to fish


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Nice. I manage only 2 out in Blythe yesterday. But I also managed a few bass on the spinner baits so not all bad.


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I know Its a blast and fun and all but how much fertilizer Is too much!
You must be heading towards 200 lbs so far.


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That was well over 200 lb. It's not about fertilizer it's about getting rid of as many as possible. After this week's (tourney) the lake will as they do every year spend thousands of dollars to electro shock, net and then dump as many carp as they can.

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