"Walking the Thin Green Line". Warden stories


Mar 11, 2001
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Jan/Feb 2008 issue of the Outdoor California magazine has some doozies in the "Walking the Thin Green Line" section.

One has a warden in the northern district checking on a "Greater" snow goose killed call. Warden asks the 2 hunters if they knew what they had and dude replied "Hopefully something legal". The hunters claimed a greater snow goose and a redhead. Turned out they had a Tundra swan and a merganser. They got to keep the meganser and the ticket for the "Greater" Snow goose.

One had a guy hiding duck breasts in his thermos. Bet that coffee tasted good.

Another was a Cistercian Monk who helped some visitors spotlight some deer at the Abby of New Clairvaux monastery in Tehama County. The priest said he knew it was illegal but didn't think what they did was REALLY wrong???? WTH??

What am a Cistercian Monk by the way?

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