Want to go on a bison/buffalo hunt, need some input

So i have finally gotten the go-ahead for a bison/buffalo meat hunt and would like some input if anyone has enjoyed such a hunt recently.
If your neighbors cousin knows a guy at the bar who's ex-wifes new boyfriend has a story about a great or poor hunt... please spare me.

the last post i see is more than a year ago and the lack of a ranch name makes me think something is being held back for some reason or another, so im not sure what to make of that. There are not that many 5000 acre ranches in Utah and the $5000 price tag isnt an issue for the one that i found, but for half the price and the same meat a lot closer to home... well...

So here are my choices as i see them;
Bitterwater: the last thread leaves me a little apprehensive about dropping $2500 with them. They are close to home, and i am not looking for a trophy hunt so some of the mentioned negatives (animal size) from posters dont affect me too much. On the other hand if i am going to drop some cash id like to have a wonderful experience because i am far from a seasoned bison hunter, and i would like to arrive home with as much meat as possible, so the animal size is a small factor i suppose.
Has anyone hunted buffalo with them that can share their experience? How was the meat? How was the experience? Would you do it again? Would you recommend them to your friends?

Utah, the Dakotas, Wyoming and Colorado seem to have numerous outfitters that claim to be the best this and pure blood line that... I dont mind a good ole fashioned road trip, nor spending for a great experience, but am i going to have 3x as good a time and come home with 3x more meat? Or am i just blowing cash for some DNA test on some doccument that i dont really care too much about?
Searching for reviews on any of these outfitters comes up blank. Which in todays forum rich age seems a little odd. I mean if i am going to drop $7000 on a hunt, im sure going to brag my ass off about it and tell everyone how the experience was Good, Bad, or Ugly. Otherwise, whats the point of sharing information on a hunting forum? lol.

So, does anyone have some suggestions to share with the outfit they chose?

Thanks guys
Thanks for the tip ion Native hunt. I checked their web site and they say the buffalo hunts are not currently available. Been that way for quite a while... :(

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I selected Utah for the bloodline thing and also because they have a predator control program that allows hunters to not only hunt huge coyotes w/o a license but they even pay a $50/head bounty. Pays for gas! it is the most hunter-friendly state I have visited. Cheap too, everything costs less. Just BYOB.

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