Ward Burton & NRA Aiding the disabled.


Mar 11, 2001
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Aiding the disabled

WILL ELLIOTT, Buffalo News Outdoors Reporter


Ward Burton, popular NASCAR driver and avid outdoorsman, has become involved with the National Rifle Association's 2002 Disabled Sportsmen's Packet distribution, a program designed to reach newly disabled persons or those without contacts for assistance.

Developed by David Baskin in 2001, this free packet offer assists impaired outdoors enthusiasts with information about adaptive equipment for hunting, shooting sports and fishing activities.

This year's packet includes a crossbow with a power-cocking device, rifle support bases, a specialized archery vest and a variety of fishing-gear items adapted for various impairments.

NRA Disabled Shooting Services notes "this type of equipment is almost always produced by small manufacturers; it is often difficult to locate."

Burton and Baskin strive to get this equipment to those who need it.

Anyone with a disability who would like to receive this packet can check with Baskin at (703) 267-1495.

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