Warmbag Introduced By Staywoods


Mar 11, 2001
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Warmbag Introduced By Staywoods


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</td></tr></tbody></table>Staywoods is proud to introduce the new Warmbag. The Warmbag was designed for outdoorsmen who enjoy spending time in the outdoors but don't enjoy frostbite, numb toes or fingers, or shivering for hours while waiting for bucks to walk by or fish to bite.

The Warmbag is a large garment outdoorsmen can climb inside to stay warm. The Warmbag works like a large mitten. The science behind the Warmbag is Thermodynamics. Having the body inside the bag makes it act like a furnace giving off heat. The heat is trapped in the open space between the garment and the body, so the body is surrounded by a layer of warm air which keeps the body warm, even in sub-zero conditions.

The outer shell of the Warmbag is made up of a 2-way stretch brushed face poly laminate that is windproof, waterproof, quiet and lightweight - all necessary qualities for outdoorsmen. Whether a hunter is sitting in a treestand on a cold fall day or ice fishing in the winter, the outer shell of the Warmbag will stand up to the elements and keep the person warm, dry and comfortable so they can enjoy the outdoors.

The Warmbag is lined with a layer of super warm fleece that helps retain heat. It is also comfortable against the body and quiet so if the hunter moves around in the Warmbag on a cold morning, a nearby buck won't hear them in the stand.

The Warmbag comes with several hunter-friendly features including large zippered arm holes that can be unzipped simultaneously from the inside of the bag via a pull cord. This allows hunters to stay inside the bag until they are ready to grab their bow or gun. When they are ready to shoot, they simply pull on the internal cord and push their arms out of the arm holes.

The Warmbag has a reversible zipper so hunters can easily unzip their feet out of the bottom of the bag. It also has a waist belt so when their feet are out of the bag hunters can pull the bottom half of the Warmbag up around their waist and clip the buckle, allowing them to walk to a nearby field or walk back to the truck. These unique features allow hunters to be completely mobile with the Warmbag on. Other key features include a removable hood, large internal pockets for storing snacks or a GPS, and a small external rangefinder pocket that keeps a rangefinder accessible at all times.

The Warmbag weighs 5 pounds and comes with a convenient stuff sack that can be thrown over the shoulder for the long hike into a treestand.

"I believe outdoorsmen will be extremely pleased with the Warmbag. We designed it to keep them warm without being big and bulky. Bowhunters can easily come to full draw without having the Warmbag interfering with the bowstring. We tested the Warmbag in sub-zero conditions and it was sixty-eight degrees inside the bag so regardless of how cold it is outside, outdoorsmen can stay warm and dry in the Warmbag and concentrate on harvesting a big buck instead of worrying about staying warm," Joe Light, President of Staywoods, said.

The Warmbag is available in Realtree and ASAT camouflage.

To learn more about the Warmbag, visit www.thewarmbag.com.

Tracy Breen
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