Washington Governor Signs Pro-Hunting Legislation!

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Jul 20, 2006
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On Thursday, March 13, Governor Chris Gregoire (D) signed House Bill 2438 into law. HB2438 will extend a pilot program that would permit certain counties to allow the pursuit and taking of cougars with the aid of dogs. It will also permit counties that are not part of the pilot program and which are experiencing cougar management problems to opt-in to the program. The bill will go into effect on June 12, 2008. HB2438 will help ensure public safety in Washington and protect private property, livestock, as well as human life and safety.Thank you to all the NRA members who answered the call in support of HB2438. Your action played a pivotal role in the enactment of this much-needed legislation. Without you this victory would have been impossible.Please contact the Governor TODAY and thank her for signing this vital hunting initiative.


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