Washington state salmon records falling left and right


Mar 11, 2001
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Salmon records falling right and left.

Published: Thursday, October 18, 2001

Wayne Kruse/Everett (WA) Herald

In a year of record and near-record salmon returns -- both in size and numbers -- you need a program to keep track of the players. The state saltwater coho record was broken three different times in September, in the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and anglers are waiting for a chum run which, if anyone's interested in doing the paper work, should result in more state and/or international records.
In between those two species, anglers hammered big humpies on the Snohomish system. Bonney Lake resident Avis Pearson, fishing with Lake Stevens guide Bob Hammond on the Skykomish, nailed a huge, hump-shouldered pink on September 22 which broke the International Game Fish Association's all-tackle world record for the species. Pearson's big buck weighed 14.49 pounds and obliterated the old record, 13 pounds, 1 ounce, set in the Great Lakes area.

Pearson's record didn't last long, however. Eight days later, young Alex Minerich, fishing the Sky with his father Steve Minerich, decked an even bigger humpy. The 9 year old's 14.86-pound buck will net him the Washington State pink salmon record, and four separate listings in the IGFA record book: All-tackle world record, 10-pound line class world record, Small Fry world record (10 years and under), and Junior World Record.

Alex, a Kirkland resident and a fourth-grader at Juanita Elementary School, took the jumbo humpy while fishing Hansen's Bar near Monroe, tossing a silver/red-head Dick Nite spoon with an 8 1/2-foot Lamiglas drift rod.

There are a substantial number of chum salmon line-class records available to Washington anglers this fall through the IGFA, but the application process is a formal one involving verification (take it to the state Fish and Wildlife Department) weighing on a certified scale, supplying a witness, taking photos, saving a line sample, and others. For information contact the organization at IGFA, 300 Gulf Stream Way, Dania Beach, Florida 33004; phone 954-927-2628; or visit the Web site http://www.igfa.org. The Web site has application instructions and an application form. For existing records, call the above phone number and ask for Doug Blodgett, or e-mail dblodgett@igfa.org.

Local rivers: Pinks are still a bother for anglers targeting coho on the Skykomish, according to Sam Ingram, Arlington resident and river guide.

"But the rain we've had has brought a bunch of nice silvers in from saltwater and, when fishable, there's been some excellent action.," he says. "These are nice, big, prime fish and well worth working for."

Ingram says to go with eggs or other bait right after a rain, when water levels are higher and visibility less, then use Wiggle Warts and other small diving plugs, especially with red on them, as the water clears. Switch to number 1 Dick Nite spoons and other smaller gear, in chrome, red-head, or 50-50 chrome/brass, in low, clear conditions.

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