Water-Starved California Slows Development


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Jan 16, 2003
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"PERRIS, Calif. — As California faces one of its worst droughts in two decades, building projects are being curtailed for the first time under state law by the inability of developers to find long-term water supplies. "

"Water authorities and other government agencies scattered throughout the state, including here in sprawling Riverside County, east of Los Angeles, have begun denying, delaying or challenging authorization for dozens of housing tracts and other developments under a state law that requires a 20-year water supply as a condition for building."

"California officials suggested that the actions were only the beginning, and they worry about the impact on a state that has grown into an economic powerhouse over the last several decades."

“We have bad hydrology, compromised infrastructure and our management tools are broken,” said Timothy Quinn, the executive director of the Association of California Water Agencies. “All that paints a fairly grim picture for Californians trying to manage water in the 21st century.”


IMHO, this last paragraph speaks volumes as to many of the problems facing this great state.
Also I believe because of this poor management and compromised infrastructure, we are facing huge problems with many game species, that is leading to knee jerk closures and mandates being made by politically appointed commissions, that do not take any of this bad management or failed systems into account.

There is a saying, "whiskey is for drinking and water is for fighting over" and this is very prophetic here in CA...


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Aug 25, 2003
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Welcome to California. Now Leave!

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