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Jeph here from d-13. I hunt exclusively in that are (because I don't know where else to go) I varmint hunt in A down by Soda Lake rd. I'm not a CDA member, but I would like to get some info.


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First I heard of CDA. Looks like an interesting and rewarding opportunity to get involved.

Anyone have suggestions on where I may be able to put my 14 year old on his first buck this season? He has a J13 tag and he only saw doe's last season.
I to am planning on joining the local CDA group. I bought a couple of raffle tickets for a rifle last month and won the dang thing. A 44 Mag Henry Big Boy Level action. Real nice looking weapon.


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I've been a CDA member for 2-3 years. I hunt public land in the A zone(south), and either D-8 or D-13.
I was lucky enough to get a G-6 Tag in 2004 (late season D-8). I apply for multiple out of state hunts and was fortunate to get Wyoming and Nevada in 2005.
Speaking of being lucky, I won a mini 14 at the CDA Dinner in Lake Isabella in 2004, and a Remington 700 at the Bakersfield CDA dinner in 2005. Another hunting partner won a shotgun. The third hunting partner in our group has yet to win the big one, but he's won about 5 pair of bino buddies so far (not that there's anything wrong with that!)

Water is a major limiting factor for wildlife here in the Taft Area. Our local sportsman's club usually repairs a guzzler each year in conjunction with the Dept of Fish and Game, but we sure could use some help from the CDA to increase our local efforts! Any Ideas?
You bet owtdors, contact that same CDA chapter where you guys got all the loot and see what they have going on for projects. I am sure they would welcome your support. You can also put together a project w/friends, make it on public land, and ask for CDA funding. See project apps/etc. at Caldeer.com


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howdy hank here, cent. cal coast. been hunting here since 69', mostly a-zone and d7 since i can't seem to get drawn for premium tags like i lot of folk's on the page, not complaining since i almost always fill a tag, sometimes a 2nd. 27 blacktails ,1 inyo, 10 mulies and various crosses been a member of CDA for 6 yrs , like to work on habitat projects , when announced. don't think much of banquets, to much drinking , i'd rather be hunting or scouting. hank4elk


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Howdy I'm Bill, live in S Calif, CDA member,NRA Life member, CRPA 5 year member,Elks Lodge member, Inland Fish & Game & Banning Sportsmans Assoc member , Retired.Have been hunting for 51 years: NYS,CA,ID,AZ,PA & CO for whitetail,mule,columbian blacktail deer;elk, bison,grouse,quail,dove,bandtailed pigeons,wood ducks,varmints, gray squirrels & fox squirrels in NYS,Gray Squirrels in the Klamath NF in Siskiyou County, CA,cottontails,jackrabbits,chukar.Started fishing when I was about 12 years old: have fished in CA,MT,NYS,PA.


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Howdy all! Wade here from Southern California (LA area) and I do most of my hunting in the area hated by most, D11. However, I get meat in the freezer every year from there. This year I drew a D12 tag and am anticipating a great year! My son drew an either sex tag for LA County for his first every deer season this year! So stoked!!


My name is Chris from Victorville. I hunted small game as a child with my father, then he was taken out of the picture for a while and now can't be in possession of a firearm so its been a long while. I ran into this sote doing so research on hunting some big game in D14 and in the hopes I can find a mentor to take me along and teach me some tricks. Hoping to be ready by next season.

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The Merced CDA dinner is set for March 15th. I have tickets or will mail out the ticket applications to who ever would like one. We will be giving away some really nice guns, no 870 and 10/22's at our dinner. Jason (209)769-8059 call for more info.

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