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Hey it's Loye again,do you guys know of any lakes in the Western Sierras that
require a hike in of less than 7 miles that have some good trout fishing.
I hear the Dinkey Lakes Wilderness offeres this, but could you guys give me more info on this place.



Ok,I know more of you guys have been fishing in the Dinkey Lakes Wilderness.

Scott Thornley

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Can't tell you about Dinkey Lakes specifically, but I can tell you that you sure don't have to go 7 miles to get to decent fishing in the Sierras. There are plenty of streams and small lakes within 3 miles that have good fishing. Try some of the lakes out near the end of Beasore road. These are within 3-4 miles.

I think it is the south fork of the San Juaquin that empties out of Florence Lake, east of Huntington on the other side of Kaiser Pass. There are streams that feed into the river that hold plenty of nice rainbows. Drive right up and fish.

It's a much longer drive for you, but consider the Tuolumne Meadows area as well. Incredible scenery, and absolutely suicidal trout. Young Lakes, north of the Tioga Pass Road had plenty of 10-12" Brookies that couldn't wait to bite a lure. And if you head up to the Vogelsang High Sierra camp, the lake right there at the camp had plenty of hungry rainbows.

For that matter, just head north to the Los Padres, and fish the streams there. Salmon Creek is a great spot for instance. So what if it's 100 degrees in the shade right now :)

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