What 17 hmr rifle should I buy


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Budget 400- I've looked at the savages marlin and cz don't know much about savage except that people like them but they always seemed like shit. Tell me if I'm wrong I've never so much as picked one up budget includes decent scope ps I'm set on 17 hmr


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Dude read the reviews on the savages... No bad review what so ever. I bought one and know of atleast 3 other people who have them and they are great. Nothing Crudy about them.


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I own a savage 223 and am very pleased with it. It came with a Bushnell that was cheap but for just being thrown in with the rifle not a bad scope


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Have used both Savage and Marlin, both very good shooting rifles. The Marlin will require you to buy an after market trigger though. The one that comes on it sucks out loud.


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I have one savage I'm not to happy with. It is a real tack driver . But sometimes doesn't pick up a round when you work the bolt. I put a new follower and spring in it and it still does it. A CZ is hard to beat. But they are a bit on the pricy side. All the Savage 17's get good reviews though. I know a few people that have them and love them. Guns can be like cars. Sometimes one rolls off the line that just is not up to par.


Happy with my Savage. 6-24 X 44 scope with a 1/8 MOA target dot on fine cross hairs reticle.

75 yards, one hole.


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I own a Marlin 19 VS topped with an inexpensive 4-12 x 40 Bushnell and it now shoots fine. I don't have group sizes , but if I do my part it will hit it. What was said about the trigger was/is true, (I bought mine several years ago). I did the ballpoint pen spring trick on mine and made the trigger passable and kept it safe. It's a good shooter.


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Love my savage .22 because of the quality and price I am looking at a .17 made by them.

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