What an absolute joy to have professionally tuned DA and SA trigger work done!


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Feb 15, 2002
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[TABLE="class: tborder, width: 100%, align: center"]
[TD="class: alt1, bgcolor: #FBF9F6"]I sent away a S&W revolver for service and overhaul/ cleaning.

It was packed almost daily for over 10 years in the bush. The grime and moisture were always a struggle.

Sent it away to a fantastic guy that made it like new again. Better then new. Bead blasted the whole thing and made some changes that should have been done at the factory before it left.

It is a .44 magnum and had .428 throats. ( 629-4 Mountain gun) My bullets have been rattling down the .430 bore for all this time.

The big thing is that my Double action trigger is about as good as my single action trigger was before! My single action trigger is a target trigger now. It's simply awesome! After a While with a factory set up revolver you just live with the way it works. You really have to experience a great trigger to appreciate this! It's an absolute pleasure to shoot this gun.


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Oct 19, 2006
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I have the same revolver it's the perfect OS gun IMHO. It rides on my hip so well. Before next year I'll have a leather holster for it. I had the trigger done when I got it. Great piece!
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