What are you riding?

Which brand of ATV or Bike are you riding? and Why?

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Try Rocky mtn atv.com best online mc/atv place around.

I ride a wr 400 f
wife rides a ttr 250
kids ride xr 50
hunting rig is a Suzuki lt 230 eh that i bought for $800


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I was riding a KLR 650, but it never seemed to work out to take it off the highway. Not sure how I'd have slung a hog or deer over that seat anyway.

After a few thousand miles, the chain would stretch beyond adjustment and I averaged new chain and sprockets every 8-9 months!

Finally said the heck with it, and moved to a Kawasaki ZG-1000. It'll look kinda funny pulling into hunting camp, but it sure is a lot more comfy on the highway!

I'll post up pictures of my backcountry ride later.


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I ride a Sportsman 500 HO, & my 12 yr. old has a 330 Polaris Trailboss. Never had a problem with either of them. Mine will climb right along with my friends 660 grizzly. If there is a down side, Polaris needs to make different jets for elev. over 9,000 ft.


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Got a new 2004 Suzuki 400 Eiger 4x4 auto 2 weeks ago..love it. It has selector for 2 or 4x4, and auto trans with low or high gears.



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I have an 01 Yamaha bear tracker Nice machine gets throught the woods easy and will do all I need, also have a 1985 Honda fourtrax I bought it from my Little brother for $300 he bought it new when he was stationed in Guam this thing is near bullet proof I will eventuarly need a new rear Axel for it the splines are almost gone where the lugs fittings attach.



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Gotta go with trailbreaker on this one. The Rokon is the king of earth travel. Nothing compares to the overland travel, weight capacity, climbing ability, side hills and deep snow or mud, and simplicity to maintain. I owned about a dozen off road machines before I saw the light. However once I bought my first one and drove to areas my 4X4 ATV could only dream of I saw the light. I now own two of them. An original with a 2 stroke and a new version with a 4 stroke. I have decided to sell the two stroke just because I cannot use two of them any longer.

If you want an ATV for travel on gravel roads or established trails then a 4X4 is fine. However if you are really serious about ATV off road travel without roads or level ground then the Rokon is the undisputed king of off road travel. I would also insist that before any one questions this they need to ride one first. One ride in difficult terrain should do it. You will see in a single ride what that thing is capable of and you will not likely ever consider a 4X4 ATV again!


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Kawasaki Prairie 400 & a 650 for the wife.


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Started out with 85 350 Honda Foreman, tough machine!!! Tried a 1996 400 Kaw., had trouble getting started, Bought a 1996 500 Sportsman new, Still have, only has 2200 miles on it. Had an awful lot of trouble with it,[might have been because of the 17 yr. old riding it]!!!!!! Love the way it handles and feels when on it, other than it doesn't have all wheel or 4 wheel drive when going down a hill. Won't buy another, next time it'll be a 650 honda!!!!

Bill O

Have a 02 Artic Cat 500 4x4 manual trans independant suspension.Dependable,starts every time witin seconds no matter how cold,Lots of torque,not real fast.If I ever buy another ATV it will be another Artic Cat 500.


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I have a 2002 Suzuki Vinson 500 with a Ramsey ATV3000 winch on the front. Like both well and the only negatives on the Suzuki is that the gear shift locks up about once a year and the back disc brake squeals. Other than that, a real nice ride and winch system. Bought it because the place I purchased it gave me a good trade in on my old bike, a yamaha 250 beartracker. Good little bike, but needed something bigger to pull my trailer around once on site.


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All Hondas

250R it may be old, but its still fast
400EX (in the process of squeezing a KTM 520 in)
450R wifes new one

Dead Deer Walking

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I ride an 05 Kingquad 700 because I couldn't find another that was it's equal. This thing has it all, power, handling, low center of gravity. It hauls 300lb. of deer feed and me through the Ky. mountains so much better than anything else I have owned. It will start easily (Fuel injection) at 10 degrees F.
Can't beat the dependability of Honda though.


I have a 2006 Honda Rancher 500. Have had it almost a year and have no complaints yet. It is a 2WD and have went everywhere my buddy's 4x4's have gone.

RPO KQ 700

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I have always been a Suzuki owner. From street bikes through ATV's. I have an 04 Eiger(Nice picTX1) I have a red Eiger also. My recent addition was an 07 KQ 700 Camo. EFI is the way to go along with independant 4 wheel suspension.

On a note, I was hoping to hook up with some Central California riding partners. Fresno area, even as far as San Jose if they want to make the drive. I want to do some back wood trekking into the Sierra's. I was hoping to find some folks that want to go camping on quads. Maybe fish along a river. Seems such a shame that we have these things and we are stuck riding on managed properties and drive in circles.


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04 Polaris 400 Sportsman 4X4. Has a great ride and plows snow very well. I also cut grass with it using a 44 " rear pull along mower deck with a 10.5 hp engine.

Snow Plow

Mower Deck


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my dad and i just bought a new 2006 Jianshe mountian lion 400 which you hardcore yamaha guys should kno that jianshe is half owned by yamaha. i think it has the same engine as the kodiak 400 anyways brand new going through the breaking in period.


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