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What Brand Of Camcorder Do You Own?

What Brand Of Camcorder Do You Own?

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What Brand Of Camcorder Do You Own?

What model camcorder do you have? Are you happy with it and would you buy that brand again?

I have a Sony TRV-10 miniDV camcorder I bought 2 years ago. I waited for the price to go under $1,000 and I bought it from Camera Wold of Oregon. Their customer service was good with no high pressure sales tactics.

I like the camera except for the low light capability where I have really light it up or switch to the Sony "Nightshot". An onboard light would be handy.

Still pics from the cam suck from but they do in a pinch. Anything accessory wise is spendy from Sony.

My biggest reason of going with the Sony was the 10x optical zoom and miniDV format. I like to film wildlife and most of the time you cannot get very close. I also bought a Sony 2x tele lens to put on the cam to help for long shots. The lens was $100.


I have a SONY DCRVX2000 digital, and a SONY DCRTRV840 digital 8. I really like them, and always buy Sony camcorders.
Might have something to do with working for the company!
Me and my hunting buddys use Sony Products. Sony Hi8, 2 TRV-17 mini dvs, and a TRV-18. If you have any thoughts of computer editing in the future I would highly recommend you go ahead and buy a mini-dv format.

These Sony products perform well until close to dark, but the nightshot features are nice. The optional IR light works great - a good investment.


I have an RCA model CC6363
I like it real well. it has 200X zoom. 2.5" colorview screen and features I don't understand. The wife & I use mostly for recording game around our 10 acre place. We have been real happy with it and it only cost about $400.00 (on sale) at walmart. We get pretty good battery life also & often set it on a stump in the woods & leave it there. I


I shoot with a Canon GL1 miniDV camcorder and I love it. I bought it at Vann's 2 years ago for $2000 and never regretted spending the money. This is a 3 1/2 pound, 3CCD camera with a 20x optical zoom lens and an optical stabilizer. I am a pro staff member of Penn's Woods Game Calls and if everything goes right this spring gobbler season, you might see some footage from this camera in the TV show, "Hunting With Penn's Woods" on the Outdoor Channel. The only con with this camera is the built in mic. It is not very useful for filming wildlife at a distance. I remedied this by buying a $500 Sennheiser shotgun mic so now I have very good audio to go along with the excellent image quality that I get from this camera.
We recently purchased a Sony TRV-50 at work. The still pics are excellant (1.5 megapixels). It also has every feature I can think of except a built in video light (it does have an automatic pop up flash for still pics). Sony is also releasing many more in-between models geared toward consumer video.

We also have a Sony TRV-900. It is a 3 chip (CCD) camera. It doesn't have as many features, but the colors on the video are better.


I have a Sony D8 DCR-TRV530. I tried dealing with some of the Brooklyn sweat shops and found out quickly the rip off. Fortunately, it didn't cost me anything except time and headaches. Finally found a good deal with good people in Georgia. (PeachTree Photo (?))

I've had it for a couple years now and really like it. Still photos aren't great but acceptable.
I have a Sony TRV-67, it's a Hi8 camcorder. I bought it to use with the Pixcontroller Lanc board. It's used as a trail cam right now and I haven't used it otherwise. I bought it for less than $100.00 on Ebay. It was used when I bought it.


I have a sony TRV-340 I like it alot takes real good stills and has night shot here is one of the pictures I took with it last Janurary. The only thing I don't like about it is the software that comes with it I tape alot of sports of the boys and it will only let you put the viedo onto the computer 10 min. at a time so you have to do alot of (cutting and pasting or editing) to tape a football game.
These deer where about 65 yards out with a spotlight on them.



Canon Optura MC200

I use a Canon Optura MC 200. It's about 6 years old but it is in the MiniDV format. 10X Optical Zoom / 200 Digital Zoom. Very good color quality and very good low-light capability. I like Canon for a number of reasons but Sony also makes an excellent product. Why Canon over Sony? For me it was the memory cards (sticks). Sony uses proprietary "sticks" and as such, cost more. Though I'm sure if I had a Sony it would not be much of an issue since one doesn't buy memory often enough to really make a difference.

I also have a Canon 30D DSLR camera. Considering a new video camera to go along with my pro Canon lenses and leverage the two formats.

Happy everything to all!

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