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What chair/stool do you use in your blind?

Just got permission for my son and I to hunt deer on private property in the fall and so now I'm looking at blinds and chairs.

I think I'm set on a blind, but since blind hunting is new to me, I'm not sure what the long sitting process is gonna feel like. I've looked and sat on chairs at Basspro and SW, but just not sure.

Any suggestions for a newbie hunter?

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Good question. I wonder the same thing. I also have some land I want to hunt. How did you decide on stand hunting vs spot and stalk? I have no idea what makes people pick one or if it's even a option for both styles every time.


i just got this Guide Gear swivel chair from Amazon. I needed a swivel chair that is quiet and this one doesnt make a sound when you swivel on it. The seat is 2 inches thick so i can sit long spells without having to get up. Seat is 20 inches from the ground, works good for my ameristep blinds. Weighs 11 lbs which is a bit heavy but its rated to hold 300 lbs. Comes with shoulder strap to carry it. $29 is a tough price to beat for a comfortable swivel chair.




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I have both the Guide Gear chair and the Black Out. I like the guide gear seat but the back rest is not comfortable at all and the weight added to the weight of a blind and my bow just became too much. I bought the Black Out as an alternative but have not had a chance to give it the "real world" tryout.

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