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What do you all do?


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Since it seems like we are all getting to know each other (handle names, locations, ages), I think it would be interesting to know what we all do for a living.

I am a middle school math teacher. I teach mostly 7th and 8th graders basic math, pre-algebra, and algebra I. I am fortunate to say that I teach in a great school district at a wonderful school - we're one of the better middle schools in the state (according to scores).

Now, what do ya'll do?


Forever Hunting
Hi Ranchwife.

I am a EH&S/Radiation Monitor Specialist for General Electric Nuclear Energy. Started in this field serving in the Navy, USS Salt Lake City SSN-716, quietest submarine in the Pacific (at least it was back in '94)


I am a geologist with a Geology and Engineering firm in Huntington Beach. Our company deals with land development and mass earthwork.


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I am a sales rep. for (IBC) Wonder Bread, been doing it for 18 years.It was supposted to be a summer job, yeah right!. One good thing I get 7 weeks vacation a year.


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Thonzeberry, are they hiring? 7 weeks. I'm a Finish Carpenter. Iwork in million dollar homes and get to see how the other half live.


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I started my second career 3 years ago as a network engineer for a major cruise line. Now I don't have anyone shooting at me anymore.


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I work in the Albertsons Grocery Warehouse (formerly Luckys) warehouse in Vacaville as a forklift driver. Twenty three years done on my life sentence, five to go. YEHAAA!


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I’m doing time with the Department of Correction

Eight hours a day on the thirty year plan. lol


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Right now I am a full time college student at the California Maritime Academy. I am majoring in Marine Transportation which will give me a Third Mate's license. I am also going for the QMED (Qualified for Marine Engineering Department) which means I will have my Marine Engineering license too. Along with everything else, I am a midshipman in the Merchant Marine Program here at school, where I will be a commissioned officer in the Navy upon graduation and have the option of going 4 years active or 6 years in the reserve as long I sail on my license. Eventually I hope to be running tankers for Polar Marine (Arco) when I get out of here, which should be in April 2004.


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I work for that evil giant, The Phone Company. Ma Bell has been good to me though, so I can't complain. I am a construction splicer, copper, fiber optics, whatever they ask for.

Please no jokes about phone guys at 7-11!!

Drake Slayer

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I just started with the city of Rocklin as a maintenance 1. Great benefits but only 2/3rds the pay of Herman Miller where I worked last. Hopefully within 2 years with hard work I can bring the pay rate up.


Kiss The Ring
I'm an accountant for Oakley (sunglasses). I've been there for almost two years now, and I really enjoy it.

And BTW, I can't get you any deals!!

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