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What do you all do?


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Shmave23;2203001 Second job is gun for hire. Need any help with aniaml control on your propertys. Let me know!!! :wavin hello: -Dave[/quote said:
I want that job...


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I own a distributorship for structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) and ICFs in So. Cal. www.greenwall.us I also make custom furniture. I have made everything from boats to custom sound studios. I like craftsman and Nakashima styles...
SIPS are awesome. I built 2 timber frame homes with Pacific Post and Beam using SIPS. They make a very quiet comfortable home.


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Sheet metal mechanic self employed have made parts for the Space Shuttle to Michel Jacksons neverland roadster and every thing in between. :thumbs up2:


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im dirty nasty construction worker in the navy. im also a professional pig killer. if you or anyone you know has a problem with smelly piggies give me a call and i will personally remove them for you, free of charge!

Knock 'em Down

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Technical Sergeant USAF. I am an instructor at Vandenberg AFB. Only been here in California a little under two months. I was stationed in Montana for 11 years. So far I'm liking Cali, I just want to get that first California kill under my belt.


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Retired general contractor. I spent over 30 years building custom homes and 1 synagogue on the Monterey Peninsula. In a previous life I worked in machine shops in Costa Mesa, Santa Ana and Anaheim.


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Oh Knock 'em Down you poor man. Vandenburg AFB, humm, this was my last assignment befor retiring when Uncle Sam said I'am done with you go away. Now, off duty it's fan-tas-tic. The fishing and hunting is/was better than any other base I was at, and I had 13 assignments in my 20 years. Had no reason to go off base it was all there. ( I was in the armpit Transportation Squardon while there. Nothing good to say about this. ) Thankyou for your service and welcom to JHO.


hi i am a out of work truck driver at the moment, but still looking for work, perhaps i will get lucky soon.atb steve


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Corporate Director for Patient Care Services and add Director of Quality, Risk and Compliance for two small Community Hospitals in the East L. A. area.
Navy Welder/Machinist (9 yrs)Been stationed in San Diego the whole tour, I just finished up Journeymen though the Dept of Labor, Being welding since 1999 I also dabble in Gun and Locksmithing. I was looking in to getting an FFL, (Any help would be awesome)


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I'm a programmer in Silicon Valley...work for hot company...blah blah blah.

I've recently got back in to shooting and archery and I'm also a new hunter trying to find public land to hunt in the "A North" zone. :rotflmao:


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I work for an oil company in research but am about to get laid off in a month. Before all of this I was an aircraft mechanic in the Air Force for 8 years and then manufactured aircraft for 2 years. Time for a new endeavour I guess...


Usually I'm a tilesetter, but just got laid off from working on a solar steam project for Chevron. Right now I'm just doing whatever it takes to pay the bills. Calisdad, I worked all over the Monterey Peninsula for 8 years, did some beautiful work and met some really rich people. Nice place to live, and I miss it!
Spent a decade or so flying green helicopters off grey ships. Now a staff attorney for a construction insurance company in Rocklin, CA (Sacramento).

Chuck buck

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I'm retired after 31 years at the same job.
Now I can do FULL time what I have only been able to do part time for the last 25 years, and that's run the ranch full time guiding pig hunts from Oct. through the end of May (depending on the weather) and then run the deer club on the ranch from July through Sept.

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