What do you all do?


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I'm an unemployed federal feral swine aerial eradicator ........... Any body have any job leads ?


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I deliver medical equipment in the Lubbock area. Worked in the medical field for 25 yrs. In my travels I see lots of game. Wish I could hunt from the road


I live in NZ and love to go bush with my pigdogs . After a day on the hill I like to sit down by the campfire and make up songs about
hunting and stuff. I have written loads of song about hunting and the folk that live off the land and all the things that go wrong and all the things that
make life good. I use holding dogs and love hunting pigs though I also chase deer and other game. I am blessed to be born in NZ.
I have a CD out called Quarry Treed that I wrote for all my hunting buddys. I never thought it would be so poular but it turned out to do ok.
Some times I struggle getting the meat out of the bush because I am only 70 kg but I never leave any meat on the hill. What gets killed gets eaten.


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I work for a small municipality as a water/sewer operator, get to see brown trout on a daily basis but not the kind you want to catch....lol


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Construction Project Manager. We have projects in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia.



I'm an Emergency Manager. I try to think of the worst possible things that can happen and then figure out how to get through them.


Currently I guide waterfowl hunts in Canada from mid September through the beginning of November and umpire high school and college baseball in the spring...

Worked for 20 years in the aerospace industry the last 15 on the B2 Stealth Bomber program...

I get to live the dream out there everyday for two months hunting ducks, snow and Canada geese for sixty straight days...


USAF retired with 23 1/2 years in my second career as an electronic technician for the Postal Service in St. Louis MO. Hope to retire for the second time in a couple of years without having to find a third career. LOL Like camping and fishing when I have a chance to get out.


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Update. I am now an out of work math teacher, who owns a small mobile DJ company. www.anewsong.com

So, for the summer, I am a part time painter and DJ. Hoping to get a teaching contract soon.


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Commercial Boiler technician been doing for a few years
I think I know what I am doing

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I'm part of a Team that continues to make our software the nations most-used Court-Rules Based Docket Calendaring System for the Legal Profession. Longer story shorter I've been making computers do what I need them to since before the Internet was around.


Hi Everyone looking to hunt hogs

I'm currently retired from the military and civil service. When I retired an old Chief that I really look up to gave me the advice " In order to stay alive after retirement you have to keep living and doing things that you always wanted to do" I've been retired for a little over a year and this week I looked in the mirror and decided I was going to find a new job for toy money and finally learn how to hunt. ( Deer & Hogs to start). So wish me Luck I'm back in the gym to reclaim what I let go.I am hoping to do a lot of hunting on Vandenburgh A/F Base. If there's anybody interested in going on a weekend hunt with me just drop me a PM.
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