What grain broadheads do you guys shoot?


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I am using 100 grain G5 Montecs on Easton ST Epic 340 arrows that are 9.4 gpi. I'll be hunting deer in D7 and also have a bear tag. What about you guys?

Those of you that have extended ranges do you shoot a heavier broadhead?



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I shoot a 125 but only beacuse I only shoot 28" arrows and I wanted the extra weight. Whatever you shoot, make sure your arrows are spined for it. I also like FOC on the heavy side.


Hey Madhunter,
Great question. The way to check to see if you are shooting the correct weighted BH is, with BH on arrow, measure the full length, end of nock to end of BH with a 100 gr. and a 125 gr. find center of complete arrow and then find the balance point with each BH on. Devide that # into the full length of the arrow. You want to be between 8 and 12% weight forward. 12% being the best. Doing this will give you the best performing arrow for the system your shooting. This will also perfom down range better as well. Robert Eckles


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All I have is 100 grain broadheads. Total length 31.75", balance point is 13.5" from point of broadhead. So half of 31.75" is 15.87" and subtract 13.5" gives me 2.37" forward balance point. 2.37" divided by the total length of 31.75" means I have a balance point of 7% forward. Did I do it right? If I did it sounds like a may need to go to 125 grain.


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I used to shoot 125g, but I got better/flatter flights at "longer" distances with 100g, so that's all I use now.
100g Slicktricks Magnum yeah baby!!



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125 grains. Gold Tip arrows with Slick Trick broadheads although I'm trying the new Steel Force Titanium Bullets this year. They seem to be a really wicked blade.



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Go to Gold Tip's website they have a good FOC calculator, enter all your info and see if every thing is ok. I shoot the heaviest GT XT hunters at 9.4 gpi I use Blazer vanes at 5gr your nock should weigh around 10-12 gr. I shoot 125gr Slick Tricks and bow is set up at 63lbs.
Hope this helps.


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Just switched to Maxima Hunter arrows and trying to figure the same deal. So far 125s are looking good, but I'll try the 100s next week.


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I can't seem to find any posts on combined broad head and Arrow shaft recommended weights for mule deer? Mine comes in at 24 grams. I've heard of guys inserting plastic filament in the arrow shafts to add weight. Using lawn weed eater plastic filament. I'm using Victory VAP's and Rage 100gr Hypodermic's. Curious to hear input. I'm probably overthinking the issue.


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100 grain Grim Reapers with 40 grain weights on the tips. 7595 Gold Tip Expedition Hunters. I'm also going to try Steel Force 4-blade coc heads, 125 gr. this year. My bow is relatively slow, so I'm trying to build up some mass.


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This bargain hunter has had no complaints with his 100gr muzzy broadheads on beeman ics arrows.


Victory VAP 350's with firenock outserts, 100 gr Muzzy Trocar's. I also use Dirt nap 2 blade. I am looking into some mechanicals. Thinking G5 Havoc, G5 T3's, or the Wac'em 3 blade but seeing mixed reviews on mechanicals in general. Any input appreciated.

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