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Just completed my first cam unit.  Suprised myself too (I have four thumbs), everything worked right the first time I tested it.  Used a seperate switch for battery power and a dpdt (with center off position) switch for the camera and walk test light.  Everything appeared to be working fine yesterday but today as soon as I turn the power switch to the on position the camera flashes. It does this when the camera/walk test light switch is in the on or off position but not in the walk test position.  Any ideas as to whats going on?

Big Buck

Thats right - four thumbs and half a brain. I forgot to say that I used the MS20 sensor and the Owl Pf Date camera.  Thanks.


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Jul 6, 2001
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I had this problem using a Radio Shack sensor and a retriggerable timer.  When my sensor warmed up it would trigger my camera if it was NOT in the test mode. I now start my camera in the test mode and wait for the sensor to warm up.  I put an additional LED on my timer so I would know when the relay was open.  I can turn the LED off when I leave to reduce battery drain.  Make sure your switch is in the test mode before you turn your camera on.  
Now, sounds like the switch is wired to cut the juice to the sensor board in the off position.  This would make it flash when you switch to the camera because the sensor would be warming up all over again.  Check the wiring to your switch to make sure the switch cuts the test LED power and activates the camera.  I used a two position switch with no "off" position.  I hope this helps or generates some thoughts.

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