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Feb 4, 2004
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One day several years ago I was bowfishing on a small creek in northeast Alabama (dry creek) When fishing for a couple hours that day and shooting several small carp a large beaver started playing around in the water around where we were bowfishing scaring off all the fish.I decided to take a shot a the animal about the time I released the string the beaver took a drive with the arrow missing by several inches my buddy ask me what I thought I was doing (losing a fishing arrow :) after that I was on a mission to kill that damn beaver or lose an arrow. So I move down the stream a few yards and waited for the flat tailed animal to surface this time when I pulled the arrow the beaver drove missing again.This time after thinking things out I thought decided to time the beaver surface waiting him out I set my Bear Polar Ltd to 45 lbs that will kinded tell you how long ago this was.I pulled the bow back with arrow notch waiting for it to come around the bend of the creek about the time I saw the beaver with arrow pulled seemed like forever about 3 min. i guess I shot the arrow striking the beaver right between the eyes the 100 lb test line start to pull tight then the beaver stop swimming and I started to reel him in he was dead as a door nob but floating.I come dragging the beaver back to my buddy spot he was just shaking his head with disbelief we weighed it back home 30lb a big beaver.Tommy tan the fur and put it on his den table for several years.

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