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What weights for sturgeon?


What sizes and styles of weights do you prefer in general for river sturgeon fishing? Im trying to gear up and it new to me. Probalby using larger baits.


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It all depends on the depth you're fishing and how swift the current is. I've used everything from 3oz pyramid sinkers all the way up to 8lb rock cod sinkers in parts of the Columbia. We always use a sinker slider and use the lightest weight we can keep it on the bottom with. Most of the time I'll use anything from 6oz up to 1lb.


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In the Sac delta we average 6-8 oz pyramid most of the time. If the tide is riping I will go as heave as 16 oz in the deeper water. Good luck!!


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My setup for sturgeon fishing on shore:

1) 12 ft. Ugly stick rod
2) Penn 9500SS reel
3) 300 yards of 150 lbs. test power pro line.
4) 1-9/16" sinker sliders
5) Mustad Beak Bait Hooks 92554NPBL
6) Brass Barrel Swivels, get the biggest size you find at the tackle shop.
7) Some 8oz and 10oz pyramid sinkers
8) 60# test wire leaders. I buy the the pack of wire leader and rig my own 3ft.
9) Crimp sleeves to rig wire leader. When you buy crimp sleeves make sure the crimp sleeve size match the size of your wire leader.
10) A needle nose plier and wire cutter all in one. For cutting wire leader and crimping the crimp sleeves on both end of your leader.

I also found this site very helpful. The things I would change from the site are:

1) go heavier on the main line.
2) Never use monofilament line as sturgeon leader. I always use coated wire. Sturgeons have sharp diamond backs and they tend to roll wrapping your leader to their body then run and those sharp diamond backs cuts monofilament lines easily.
3) Make the leader 3 ft because shorter leaders tend to get the whole leader and bait buried on the bottom mud after a certain time soaking.
4) I ditch the beads.
5) Don't tie the leader to the swivel and hook, crimp it with crimp sleeves. If you look a one of the sturgeon rig and hook setup at the tackle shop, you will see what I mean.

Good Luck and catch a big one.

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