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What's on Your Dog?

What is your favorite brand of radio telemetry?

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Mt Goat,

This poll with the expanded choices should give you a better of what systems are most popular.

For your reference, here is my response to the orignial question...

I prefer Wildlife Materials receivers and collars. I have listed some of the reasons below...

1. They have been around for quite a while and have had the time to continually upgrade their product.
2. The receivers are put together well, have many features but are easy to use and understand.
3. According to independent trials and field tests, the range of the units (i.e. TRX 1000S and 2000S) is better than all of the other dog telemetry systems, with line-of-sight ranges up to 12 miles.
4. There is a wide variety of collars to choose from; you can pick sealed lithium with a battery life of 8000 or 16000 hours, rechargeable battery units or replaceable battery collars.
5. Unlike many other brands, the place where you keep the magnet to turn the collar off is under the collar strap, which keeps the magnet securely in place.
6. The product is rugged and durable. I have had the transmitter housing in the collars bit by bobcats and slashed by hogs and hardly even get a scratch. Once, one of my dogs was struck and killed by a Ford Explorer, but I was able to recover his body because the collar was still working. The housing was cracked, but the internal components worked just fine.

Other systems such as Quick Track, Klein, F&L and Johnson have too much of a "homemade" look to them to suit me. They have less features and do not put in the time or care into the features they do have. They don't coat the collar antennas with much protection, the transmitter housing seems less durable, the magnet holder is made of inner tube that breaks down over time, etc. I have owned a Quick Track before but did not think it a comparable system to WM. Most houndsmen I know or hunt with do not use Klein or Johnson, though I have heard from many people that a WM receiver and a Johnson collar is a popular combination.

Tracker is relatively new and is therefore somewhat unproven in the field. It is not wise to be among the first to try out new products because the company has yet to be able to work out the bugs. You get to be the guinea pig after having spent a great deal of money to do so.

Marshall is well-regarded for their falconry systems, but the same goes for them as it does Tracker; they are the rookie of the dog telemetry market. I would wait and see how their systems do and what changes they make in response to customer concerns/compliants.

Judging by your profile, you hunt bird dogs. If this is so, many of the qualities that I look for in a system may not be a factor in your selection. In fact, a TRX 1000 or 2000 may be too much of a receiver for you because the range of the box would give you misleading results.


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I thought it would be better if we divert these posts and future posts to the permanent poll that is pinned at the top of this forum. For everybody's reference, I have included all of the posts from the older poll...

Mt Goat: QUOTE

I dont mind at all, thanks

When you say that the TRX 1000 and 2000 might be to much what do you mean ?

First and formost I want a unit that will give me the most range as possible, just in case I ever loose a dog. I really dont care about having a 100 or more dog capablility something like 10 dogs would be fine, but I want the 12 mile range. If I'm tracking a dog and hes closer like 1/4 mile will the receiver give mixed results ?

Also are there any web-sites that sells the Marshall units ? I've been to Trackers and Wildlife Materials sites but cant find one for Marshall.

Thanks for your response
Thanks, Mt. Goat. I will get all of the other main vendors up there and pin it to the top of the forum.

What I mean by the receivers being too much is that the range capabilities may give you misleading results. In other words, the box is beeping and banging the needle like the dog is right next to you ( a matter of yards), but is actually quite some distance away. I have had this happen to me a few times while bear hunting. The box makes me think that the dog is relatively close and is on the way in to me, when actually I should have been driving around to get closer to where the dog REALLY was.

Of course, let me admit that the terrain can and will manipulate the results at times. Also, as you grow more accustomed to using the unit, you will be able to interpret the results more accurately. I rarely lose track of my dogs so I have the fortune and misfortune of not having to use my system all of the time. Fortunate because it makes life and hunting less frustrating, but unfortunate because I am not the best at interpreting the results of the box if there are other mitigating factors (terrain, powerlines, granite mountains, etc) to take into consideration.

Unlike other boxes from other companies I have owned or seen in use, the TRX 1000 and 2000 seem VERY sensitive to static. I don't know if its the sensitivity of the box in general, the frequency my collars are on or the areas that I hunt, but in some cases, it is nearly impossible to track the dog because of the static bleed over. Again, I don't know if this is an isolated case or a characteristic of the receiver.

But now that I think about it, the attenuator will cut down what is called "signal swamping" that will come when you are very close to the dog, so the TRX 1000 or 2000 may not be too much box after all.

For your needs, you may want the TRX 3S, 10S, 16S or 48S. They can each be mounted to the directional antenna, have most of the features of the 1000 and 2000 (including the attenuator) but are less costly. I am not sure of their range so you may want to contact WM or a vendor such as Wick Outdoor Works. In fact, WOW has very friendly and knowledgeable staff. They are hunters, so they know the reality of the products well, not just the theory like the manufacturer.

Go to www.marshallradio.com. You may be most interested in the link to their Pointing Dogs section. I have seen Marshall equipment in action (while falconing) and the gear is impressive to me to say the least.

Hope this helps. If you need any more info, let me know.

boarrunner: QUOTE
I plan on spending my money on a marshall system. I have used ATS,johnson, with good results, would not recomend the tracker ultra system.

In my area freq. 151-152 has a tremendous amount of interference and affects your ability to judge the signal
Good info, boarrunner. Could you post in the new and improved poll that is pinned at the top of this forum so that Mt Goat and others interested in a new system can see it there?
Mt Goat: QUOTE

Can you tell me why you like the Marshall and what set up your looking to get and why ?

A Pro GSP trainer I know is sold on Marshall too he thinks its the best.

Thanks for any info.

Gray Fox: QUOTE
I have used 7 different brands of collars and four differnt types of collars in Wildlife. I rank Wildlife as a poor third in collars. I prefer Quick Track collars, although I still own 9 Johnsons and have no complaints with them. I rank them: QuickTrack #1....Johnson #2 and real adequate....Wildlife at #3. The rest I have seen and used just don't compare. Primarily I am interested in a collar that is first reliable and keeps working...second that is directional... and third that will give signal from way off somewhere.

As for receivers I have tried or owned most of them except the Marshall. I believe part of the reason some prefer different receivers is that they get used to them and never have seen different ones side-by-side tracking the same collar(s), which is the only way to really compare. I use a Quick Track 5000 and a Wildlife 1000 and would not be without either. Each has its strong features and between the two, I get what I need. Lots of receivers are fine when the dogs are fairly close, but in the "big" country, deep canyons etc., you will see a drastic difference.

Any tracking system is way better that none! I will not ever turn a dog loose withoout one on purpose! I have accidentally turned in a dog without pulling the magnet.


I use a Quick Track receiver and have both Johnson and Quick Track collars. I like the portability of the Quick Track system mounted on a yagi antenna and with this setup I've gotten readings over 10 miles away in Colorado.
Thats good enough for me!


Active member
For the country I hunt in... I've yet to find anything better than the Wildlife TRX 1000 box I have.

I have some Wildlife collars and some Johnson. Both work fine for me.

But I've hunted with lots of guys with lots of different setups here in my country, and more often than not, after a few weeks of hunting they'll say, "Man, I need to get me a setup like that one."

When I find something better, I'll switch. Just haven't found it yet. But that don't mean it isn't out there!!


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i coon hunt,so my dogs dont range as far as a bear hound or cat hound would,especially you guys out west,but i use wildlife collars and reciever on a yagi antenna.
I use L&L tracking system. a RazorBack cut collar & vest. The L&L works good for me, haven`t had any problems yet and they hold up pretty good to hogs and so do my vest & collars.


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Well I said I wouldn't but I bought a Tracker Maxima, and am very happy with it.
The Marshall was to much of an investment for me right now, and I couldn't find any one that had one to check out..

I also use Razorback cut vests and collars.

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