When will gobbling start in Iowa?


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Mar 21, 2002
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I live in south central Iowa. I have permission to hunt from my neighbor. I saw birds there last fall while deer hunting. I heard gobbling there last spring. When should I be expecting to hear gobbling there this spring--Early morning gobbling, I mean.

Our season opens April 15.

I've done a little scouting back there this past week or so. Don't see many tracks, found one feather. I'm wondering if they moved away over the winter. (We had a very mild winter, practically no snow.)  I go out in the evenings and listen near roosting time, I don't hear any gobbles, and my crow call doesn't prompt any response. I want to hunt this ground, but if the birds are gone, I better start scouting some public ground as a backup.

Any advice from southern IA or northern MO hunters would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Mar 11, 2001
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Welcome to our forum. My Dad and I hunt just south of you near Lewiston Missouri. He hasn't heard much gobbling in the past weeks but I'm sure they will be firing up soon.

The turkeys that hang out on our farm like to hit hte harvested fields and pick the corn. Do you have any harvested fields you can check out? They also like to roost over or near creek bottoms so you might poke around the creeks to see if you can find a roost.

You could also build a game camera if you have some time and a few spare bucks to help in finding where and when turkeys are in your neighbor's farm. The game camera forum here can help you build your camera. Also, talk to as many people you can to find out where and what the turkeys are doing.

Let us know what you find out.

P.S. all my relatives live in Iowa, Muscatine. I can't get any of them to turkey hunt, they're all busy planting in the spring.

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