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Where are you from in Arkansas?


How about some short introductions?

Where are you from in Arkansas?

What kind of game do you like to hunt the most?

Who taught you how to hunt and when was your first hunting trip?

Do you use a rifle shotgun, or bow? What kind?

What is your favorite hunting memory?

What is your dream hunt?
spectr17 requested we do this some time ago, and I guess i fell down on my moderator duties
So, I'll start first

Fayetteville Home of the U of A


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I'm claming dual status, Arkansas and Texas.

I'm from Gurdon in Clark County.

Mostly hunt deer with a bow, rifle, blackpowder, whatever the season calls for.

My dad first took me hunting starting when I was about 4. I still remember the first time I got to carry a gun. I was 12 and he let me carry an old single shot .22. We were squirrel hunting with a dog we called Bell. She tread one right off. I think that if they hadn't clear cut that area that I could take you back to that very tree today. Anyway, Dad he shook a bush to turn the him and gave me a perfect shot. I took aim, squeezed the trigger and that critter took off. Dad downed him with his 12 gage. When old Bell brought Dad the squirrel, he turned to me and asked me what part of the critter I was shooting at, cause it was missing most of it's lower jaw. I told him I was aiming at it's head. He didn't say another word, just grinned and walked on. To this day, I still catch heck if I "ruin" any meat.

My dad was diagnosed with macular degeneration a couple of years back and is now legally blind. My dream hunt would be to go out once again with the "Old Man" and an "Old Hound" after some bushy tails. I'd most likely miss a few just so the Old Man would have to pick up my slack. Funny, how things in life go full circle.


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I grew up in DeWitt, have lived in Hampton for the past 6 years, moving to McGehee this summer. I like to deer hunt, duck hunt, crappie fish, and whatever else is in season.
I usually deer hunt with a Marlin 30-30, and duck hunt with a Browning BPS 3 1/2.
My dad and grandfather started me hunting. I cannot even remember which hunt was my first, I have been going since I could walk.


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Little Rock, turned 30 in April, born in Fayetteville, Mechanical Engineer

hunt for: deer-bow/gun/ml, ducks, dove, the occasional rabbit, turkey.
fish for: bass, crappie and bream.


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Born and raised in south Arkansas..a small town called Horatio. Transplanted to Maumelle after marrying. I am a Physical Therapist at a local hospital. I've hunted pretty much anything you can hunt in Arkansas with the exception of black bear and elk. I'm lucky enough to have family and friends with land that give me more opportunities to hunt than I can ask for days off. I hunt near Dalark, Gurdon, Junction City, Mcghee, Roston and Chidester. Turned 35 this year.


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born and raised in Crossett. still live there. 53 years young. do my hunting in Bradley county.deer,duck,squirrel,turkey, and hog all with a rifle, muzzle loader or shotgun. Dad started carrying me hunting at about 5 yrs. of age. We had many good years of hunting and fishing together. Only thing I regret is I took up turkey hunting too late for him to go with me.


I'm from Texarkana, AR (since '83) but originally from Newport, AR (raised and graduated high school from there.) I grew up hunting ducks in the rice fields and flooded timber (my favorite) of NE Arkansas. I still make the trek up there to hunt with my cousin. My dad's not able to hunt any more.

My dad taught me to hunt and started taking me when I was around 5 years old. (almost 40 years ago)

My favorite duck is the mallard in flooded timber. Snow goose sneaking is next then turkeys in the Ozarks. Deer camp at Red Hill (outside Chidester) is great, too.

My favorite shotgun has been my trusty 870SP Mag. I'll be trying out my new Nova this coming season.

Dream hunt - that's a tough one. I've had so many great hunts with my dad and would like to relive some of those. I'd also like my daughters to be interested and get on lots of ducks with them. For me, I think I'd really like to do some decoying giant Canada geese right down into the decoys. But my all time favorite dream hunt would be for Alaskan bull moose with a longbow.


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Another Crossett res. here. I have lived and hunted Ashley county for 40+ years but only lived here for the last 30. My dad started me at 4 or 5 years of age and the most vivid memories are of him riding out of the deer camp with a pack of deer dogs on his horses heels circa 1954.

I have hunted deer every way legal but my current favorite ways are with gun and trail camera...


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Borne and raised down here in El Dorado. Married with 2 daughters. I hunt in area called Three Creeks. Just a few miles from the Louisiana border. Work for a Chemical company during the day and own and operate a Internet Company (Magnolia Internet) in the venings and have just opened up a computer and digital camera and GPS store thus called Computers, Cameras, Etc

I have been Deer hunting with my Dad since I was old enough to go. Never really enjoyed it that much when I was younger, couldn't see what the big deal was about getting up early and going and sitting next to a tree on a bucket hoping something would come by which it never did probably because I was way to figidity and couldn't sit still. The older I got the more I have enjoyed it. It is also a great time for me and my dad to spend some quality time together. About 7 years ago I made the mistake of taking up Turkey Hunting and just love it. Can't call worth a dern but enjoy every minute in the spring woods. Now Have got involved with Game Cameras and what a hobby that has become. Almost as much fun as hunting.

Born in Little Rock, grew up and graduated from De Queen, AR. Went to college for two years in Kansas before transfering to UCA. I currently live in Conway except from Oct- Febuary I live at my families farm in Monroe county. Can't stay away from those big delta bucks and low-flying ducks.

deltadweller's webpage

Bob R

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I am from Jonesboro. Originally lived in Blytheville for my first 35 years, been in Jonesboro for a little over 10 years (so that makes me 45). Moved to Jonesboro when the wifes job transferred her. Married with an 18 year old son and 16 year old daughter. Son loves to spend time in the woods. We own 125 acres in Sharp County, between Ravenden and Hardy. We hunt deer, squirrels, coyotes, crows and whatever else we can in the Ozarks.

We hunt with all kinds of weapons. Mainly 25/06 for deer, 50 cal MZ for deer, 22's or 17 rimfires for small game. Predators, rimfires or AR's.


Where are you from in Arkansas? IZARD county (in the boonies)

What kind of game do you like to hunt the most? Deer

Who taught you how to hunt and when was your first hunting trip? My Dad 9

Do you use a rifle shotgun, or bow? What kind? Black Widow

What is your favorite hunting memory? Still looking for it

What is your dream hunt? Ditto

Bobo Bob

Hey there Deltadweller, a good bud of mine lives in Conway, the Reverand William Buchanan, aka revbuck, he has been hunting bears with me the past four years in NB, he also built me a 9 foot fly pole and a takedown recurve, a very talented man indeed, and he has killed a few NB bears as well, anyways have a good one and be safe out there, bob


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I'm originally from Louisiana, but my job got transfered here to El Dorado in the 80s. We have 450 leased acres in Southern Union county that we hunt.

My favorite animal to hunt is deer, but also hunt squirrel and turkey. I tried duck hunting a few times, but decided I was so bad at it that I was wasting my time. I use a .243 and a Browning 20 gauge.

My husband and I spend as much time bream and crappie fishing as our jobs will allow.

I started hunting in the bottoms of Louisiana with my Dad when I was big enough to keep up. My dream hunt would be to tag along with him again, but he passed away in 1991. I miss him very much.

I am a volunteer for the AR Game and Fish and teach hunter's safety education classes.

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