Where are you from in California?


How about some short introductions?

Where are you from in California?

What kind of game do you like to hunt the most?

Who taught you how to hunt and when was your first hunting trip?

Do you use a rifle shotgun, or bow? What kind?

What is your favorite hunting memory?

What is your dream hunt?

I'm from Redlands in southern California.

My Dad taught how to hunt when I lived in Missouri and our first trip was in 1965.

Hogs and bear are my favorite. Varmints too. I like to hunt anything.

I use a PSE Coyote recurve and a Win .300 winmag.

Favorite memory would be a last hour of deer season shot on a big buck in D-14 as I was hiking back to camp.

My dream hunt in CA would be sheep or bow elk hunt.


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FPS = intials CABS = Cabernet wine
love to deer hunt. I want one of each sub-species of mule deer found in Cal. (4x4 or better mounted. 1 for 6)

Self taught hunter. Still very green
My first deer will always be special. October 4, 2001: I spent 6 out of 9 days hunting by myself in X9a for the first 3 1/2 weeks of the season. Finally, on my last night I might have been able to hunt, trying to get to a little knoll in a sage flat, busted a 4x4 in a creek, watched him run through the sage and figured he had 3 more bounds and would be over the razor back off the knoll, put the scope on him, 1 leap, 2 leaps crosshairs on the neck 3rd leap squeezed the triger of an old (cir. 1956) 30-30 Savage bolt action with a broken shell ejector, follow through the shot, like I was shooting a pheasant, big thud and dust. It was so fast, no time to drop the daypack, take off binoculars or brace for the shot, just stand there freehand at 80 yards. I had seen one other legal buck the whole nine days, at 4:30 in the town of JuneLake, and now I just saw a big racked deer run within 15 yards of me that I shot at. I know I hit it, but doubt creeps into the brain, I light a cigar, and move forward, there is the trail as I work my way up the path, just over the crest of the razorback, there is a 4x4 rack with eyes open. I move about 10 feet away and sit down, give my thanks to God and shed a tear of joy. Here I am, in the sage as the shadows start to grow, all by myself and just savor the moment. Nobody knows that I have harvested a big buck, just me. I don't have a camera (left in Bishop). I forgot my good knife back at the hotel.
I field dressed the buck with downloaded instructions from two different state's Fish and Game sites and my backup knife. My first big game animal. Parts are much bigger than the trout I did that morning. Scared the hell out of me when the front chest membrane broke and the old dark blood came out "OH SH##! That's the stuff I wasn't suppose to get on the meat." "Well, maybe not..." Finally dragged a 1/4 mile to a meadow I could 4x into, loaded lite a Monte Cristo #2 Torpedo (Cuban) that was being saved for this event and drove back to Bishop.
Two hours after I shot the buck, I drove into the Comfort Inn's parking lot, greeted by my 4 kids and wife holding signs saying : CONGRATS! GREAT JOB etc...
Within 3 hours, the buck was hanging at the MeatHouse in Bishop.

I have an older Alpine Bow, Browning A-Bolt .270 with the Leupold scope, Knight muzzleloader .50, bunch of shotguns and a few pistols.

Dream of going elk hunting in Colorado.


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I'm from the Red Bluff area, and have a place in Chester too.
I've been hunting for a long time, my dad was a hunter and I was following him around 40
years ago.
I hunt with a rifle, 280 Rem, or 280AI, most of the time. I plan on bow next year, I last
hunted with a bow 30 years ago. I also enjoy handgun hunting for hogs.
My best memories of hunting are of hunting the back country of Idaho with my Dad. We
packed in on an Elk hunt, the country was spectacular, and the elk were plentiful. We
passed up over a dozen bulls before we finally found the two we wanted. To tell the truth,
we passed up some, very early in the hunt, just because we didn't want our hunt to be over
too soon. We came out after 13 days with a full load of meat, and memories to last a
My dad is gone now, and I have never found elk hunting like that since that trip.
I love to hunt deer, elk, and hogs.
My dream hunt would be to repeat the hunt I had with my dad, only this time with my
own son. He is only 8, so I had better start scouting the Bitterroots..... I don't think my
wife will buy into that last part


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My names Matt and I live in Manteca.
I like to hunt just about anything. I was taught by my dad growing up in Virginia on our private property. The past 2 years I have been getting into bowhunting big time; have yet to harvest an animal with my bow. Missed 3 deer 2 years ago and 1 hog last year. Everytime I think I have a favorite hunt I go on another one. I use a Ruger M77 MKII .270, I also have a Winchester 1400 MKII, a Rem. 870, a Martin Phantom II and an AR31. My dream hunt is a toss up between an archery elk hunt in Idaho or an archery caribou hunt in Canada.


My name is Jeremy Reiss Sr. I just turned 31 and I live in Rio Vista. I love to hunt Waterfowl and pheasants but I also hunt deer occaisianaly. I also do some Stugeon fishimg in the bay during the off season.
Ive gone deer hunting with my dad since I was about 7 living in Shingletown. I went on my first duck hunt with my uncle when I was 15 at Los Banos blind 10. I shot my first duck 2 trips later in free roam. It was a drake Wdgeon. I started seriously hunting ducks a few years ago. I try not to miss a weekend.
My dream hunt would have to flooded timber in Arkansas or geese in Canada.



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Roseville, but not for long, moving back to Maine here shortly. I'll miss the outdoors, especially the Delta and the Sierra Mnts. I won't however miss the politics and the way this state is run.


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My name is Alex I live in Stanton CA mostly because my wife and Dad love Orange County. I love to hunt anything worth eating but I will hunt to control predators in a heartbeat. A good friend of mine Ralph took me predator hunting a few years back and I have tried upland, waterfowl, and small game since then. I am still green I think and can use all the info I can get. I have used a shotgun, 44mag, and airgun. My favorite memory was taking my dad upland game hunting and seeing him hit a skipping rooster as it was headed for my truck. I really don't have a dream hunt I just dream about the next hunt.


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San Luis Obispo, CA but I grew up on Kauai, HI

I like to hunt hogs with dogs and knife, rifle or bow. But I would be just as happy hunting rabbits with rocks. I just love to hunt.

My first hunting trip was goat hunting on the Napali coast of Kauai. My friend Nic Barca taught me how to hunt. It was a 2 night backpacking trip about 6 miles down. Put about 40 miles on the pedometer that weekend. I ended up shooting a nice 15" billy with nicolai's old compound bow.

Rifle: HI: Remington 700BDL .308 CA: Ruger M77 30-06 tang safety
Bow: Reflex Prowler #55 draw

Catching my first hog with my own rhodesian ridgebacks. My 1/2 Ridgeback 1/2 Lab Shepherd found the pig, barked twice. Then My full ridgeback the others mother darted off through the guavas. I heard a squeal and some yips from my full ridgeback. I ran through the guava, but it was a new growth forest and all the guavas were about 3 inches apart so after squeezing through the sticks like 50 yards and losing my shoe in the process i got there and bladed the hog. A nice small sow. This was in Hawaii

My dream hunt would really be any hunt...I'm not too picky just like to get out there


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My name is Chris Abbott from Bakersfield Ca. I like hunting varmint, small game & dove.

Rifle Savage 99 in 250-3000
Pistol is an Inglis Hi Power in 9mm
no bow

Dad started me hunting in Jacksonville NC, but soon started going with friends for tree squirrels, dove & bobwhite quail.
Best hunt would be any with my 2 boys since dads getting to old to get out & hunt, but would still go with him in a second.


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hi names walt bryce
i live in rialto ca (san bernardino)
do alot of dove,quail hunting am looking forward to do some big game and varmint hunting real soon
i also fish mostly tuna and some freshwater every now and then wife likes the fresh water which is good it gives us something to do together outdoors


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My name is Jesse and I started to hunt when I was 12 yrs. old. My father never grew up hunting so in turn he did not introduce me to hunting. I was fortunate that while growing up in Visalia that my best friend's (now for 25 yrs.) family was a hunitng family and always welcomed me on different hunts. I now live in Bakersfield and continue my hunting excursions with my wife and kids, my brother, and a few old buddies from the Marines and old Rodeo buddies. My favorite hunting is pheasant and hog hunting, but I hunt pretty much everything. For big game I use my Winchester Model 94 30-30, for birds I use my Fausti over and under 12 guage and for small game my 22. LR. I keep my arsenal very basic; I have one weapon for each concentration. When I'm not hunting I am usually fishing, coaching sports or participating in Jr. Rodeo with my family.


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Hey Guys, I am Mike, I am originally from Michigan. i have been hunting since i could walk. My first hunt was with the Family in Battle Creek, MI. My Dad was my teacher through everything. Most of my bow knowledge, however, came through my Uncle Kenny. One of the baddest bowhunters I know. He taught me alot more of bows and bowhunting. Then after my first bow hunt by myself, I had my best hunt ever!!!.. I know I only took a doe but i got this story that is so memorable to me. I was bowhunting in Michigan not too far from my house near the Brighton MI state park. I didnt like where i was at so i decided to move camp a few miles up river. It wound up being only a ten miute drive from my house. As i scouted the area, i was on top of this ridge looking down at the river where i noticed this line of treees about 300 yards away. So i trudged down through the swamp and went into the area when i noticed more trails than a dirt bike course! So i looked at the area, and found my tree. I hauled butt back to my Jeep and grabed my treestand and the rest of my gear. Set it up in 30 mins and was hunting at 3. I was surprized to see a doe walk behind me at 40 yards only an hour after setting up. SO i knew i was in an awesome spot. No pressure, no traffic. After the days end, went to bed and was out in the morning before sunrise. I saw 3 deer in the early morning rising out of bed for thier journey of the day. Cool they're here i said to my self, about 10 I hear this grunting across the river. for a good minute this buck (10 pt or better) is grunting like i have never heard before. then he goes to the river, dips in up to his shoulders and gets a drink, backs out, goes to the other side, another drink and backs out, grunts and the went right up this vertical hill that would of taking me 5 minutes to get up, he did it in 3 secs!......so I was like wow! am I in a good area or what??? so the rest of the day , i see nothing. a bird landing on my shoulder, never knew that i could be concealed so much!!! at about 4 45 is when my hunt became memorable. I am standing up, bow resting on my knee. The sun is going down, and i am waiting for something when i hear "CRUNCH" directly behind me. I slowly turn my head to see at ten yards directly behind me coming up to my tree. As i watch them vear off to my left and cut in 10 yards to my left. Perfect right??? well I see that they stop, and this doe's head is behind this brach that seems to be at a 45 degree angle and she cant see me so i think, Draw and when she steps out, nail 'er! I draw...she heard my clothes come across my chest....and is looking right up at me, knowing something is up there!!! SO i am holding this full drawn bow for what seemed like eternity! I say to myself, well they're here. Let the draw go back and wait for a better shot cause now i am shaking my right hand from holding it sooo long. So i let off my draw nice and slow, they hear it and are scattered! Well, it makes out in the end. The two doe in the rear of the first one, bank to my left and the first one, well she came out in front of me and to my right at about 20 -25 yards. She and the others stop, everything is good now! well she turns and comes back to my perfect shot...25 yards out infront of me and slightly to the left. I draw. Get her in my Peep and site, release.............WHACK! I hit her, she jumps over this brush of about 6-8 feet tall and clears it. As she jumped up, i see this gaping hole about 8 inches above her belly, PERFECT! She runs off behind me and to the left. Splash, splash, and then the BIG SPLASH! That was all i heard! WHOOOOOAAA i screamed!!!! I knew i shouldnt but couldnt help it! I knew she was dead, and then at 5 01 i called my dad for a little help! as soon as he answered, he said, you got one didnt you??? Hell yah i did! come in and help me! I tracked her down only 45 yrds from where i shot her. Perfect shot, double lung and the heart!!!! Fisrt deer kill. This is how i remember my first kill. Like a book and movie in my head. Thats what made bowhunting "BOWHUNTING" for me. The art of concealment and a stealth kill.


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Hi my name is Sebastien,

I live in Laguna Beach (tree hugger paradise....) but originally I'm from France, with my wife.
We have a Springer Spaniel, perfect for quails and small games

I mainly bowhunting with my trusty 70 pounds Black Widow, but for the dog I use a 870 Remington

My best memorie, this season in France four arrows: 2 ducks and 2 carps

My dream: shooting some gators in Florida or go back to the Amazon for bowhunting with natives


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I am up in Folsom and Hunt deer, pheasant, duck, turkey, goose and pig. I use either my Remington 30-06, PSE or Mossberg.



I just moved to Santa Barbara from Liberty, Tx (outside Houston). I loaded a moving truck with my pickup and 20 ' center console boat, four-wheeler, multiple 3-d bow targets, gun safe, etc. It was a site to see. Anyway, I started hunting when I was in 2nd grade. That is when I killed my first whitetail with my dad and it's never ended since that day. I grew up in the country with a lot of family land to deer and duck hunt on. Later in life I started joining private leases in South TX and West TX. There was great quail,dove, and deer hunting in those areas with plenty of pigs to boot. I also am still a member of a duck lease in the TX coastal marsh. I am really in to bowhunting, I have a Hoyt razortec that I totally love. When it comes to guns I have a few that I usually go to: 300 WSM in Browing, Ruger 204, Browing 30-06 gold medallion, multiple beretta 390 series 12 ga. autos, and a few others. I am new to the area and would appreciate any help as to where I can and can't hunt.


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Hello all, my name is Doug, I've been hunting for 15+ years.

Where are you from in California? Orange County

What kind of game do you like to hunt the most? Upland Bird, wing shooting, and big game, but the most fun in terms of shooting and action is Dove.

Who taught you how to hunt and when was your first hunting trip? My Uncle taught me to hunt, and my first hunt was Deer.

Do you use a rifle shotgun, or bow? What kind? I own shotguns (12g pump and auto loader), auto loading 30-06, lever action .44, .44 revolver, and a lever action .22

What is your favorite hunting memory? Taking horses into the bck country of CO. Elk hunting.

What is your dream hunt? Alaska Brown Bear.


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My name is Soren.

Born and raised in Denmark, where pheasant and duck is the available game (red stag and other big game is for the wealthy and the connected).

I live in Oakland, California.

I am very fond of hunting over pointing dogs, quail, pheasant, or chukar.
But spend the rest of my time going after bear or boar.

Older cousins taught me at first, and here in the US, I have learned a lot from an old Russian boar hunter, who took me on my first trips here in CA.

I use a 12 Ga O/U, a 30-06 bolt action, and a parker 70lbs bow for most of my hunting.

Early morning, dog pointing a snowy patch of tall grass, and the flush of a wild pheasant - sounds like old europe, but it happened right here in CA.

My dream hunt is Cape Buffalo in tall grass, with a double barrel rifle - yeah Peter H. Capstick didn't live in vain.



Name is Bill

From Bakersfield, California.

Hunt Deer, dove Quail, Small game, The basic stuff. But would Like to hunt turkey and boar but havent yet.

Love hunting birds more than anything
Use Winchester Featherlight in 270. , Remington 11-87 for birds, And Ruger 10/22 for Small game
My uncle started me on small game but I kinda have taught my self everything else, But still learning.
Havent got a Deer yet but hopefully next season.

Favorite Memory was just a few weeks ago, I got a shot at a deer but of course I missed but it was my first time shooting at one so I will have to keep that memory till I actually finally get one.

Dream Hunt would probably be to go to Canada or Alaska to hunt Carabou!


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Name: Rich

Where are you from in California? Elk Grove

What kind of game do you like to hunt the most? Elk

Who taught you how to hunt and when was your first hunting trip? My Dad. Started going hunting when still in diapers. Started hunting Ducks and Doves at age 8 and Deer in Ca at age 12. Started hunting Deer and Elk in Colorado about 21 y/o and every year since (20Years in a row)

Do you use a rifle shotgun, or bow? What kind? Rifle = Rem 700BDL 7mm Mag / Shotgun = Browning A-5

What is your favorite hunting memory? #1 = My son's first Pheasant / #2 My first Deer and #3 my first Bull Elk

What is your dream hunt? Caribou and Moose in Alaska


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Name: Brent

Where are you from in California? San Jose

What kind of game do you like to hunt the most? So far, I've only been on a pig hunt.

Who taught you how to hunt and when was your first hunting trip? Partially, my dad. But I've learn most of what I know from this site.

Do you use a rifle shotgun, or bow? What kind? Bow...Mathews Switchback XT

What is your favorite hunting memory? I don't know if you can really call it hunting since we were only armed with a camera. Last summer, I took my 1.5-year old son hiking for the first time. We found a flock of turkeys and attempted to put a stalk on them to get a closer look.

What is your dream hunt? I'd love to do a float trip for Moose in Alaska with my Son, Father, and Brother.

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