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Where are you from in Georgia?


How about some short introductions?

Where are you from in Georgia?

What kind of game do you like to hunt the most?

Who taught you how to hunt and when was your first hunting trip?

Do you use a rifle shotgun, or bow? What kind?

What is your favorite hunting memory?

What is your dream hunt?
I hunt in Heard County most often, which is in middle, far west Ga on the Alabama line. I have 2 different clubs (leased land) in Heard, The Buck Stops Here (750 acres) and Briar Patch (1200 acres).

Deer, turkey and the occasional bushytail get my attention most of the year.

While I am from SC,I enjoy hunting GA very much.
I hunt a lease and public land in McDuffie county.
I also hunt WMA land in Stephens county.

Longest two beards came from GA.


Well let me see........
I hunt in Warren county which is in east Ga. almost over to SC. Started hunting when i was about 10 years old.
Back then we would hunt in the mountains and walk for about 2-3 hours a morning to get to our stands.
My Dad took me hunting since i was young and he still goes with me every chance he gets except now the roles are reversed. We had a Friend who taught me the most about the outdoors though, His name was Frank Abernathy, he was born in the year 1900 and was along in years when i got to meet him in the '70s. He taught my dad about hunting too. Frank went on to his eternal reward in 1996 .


I hunt private land in Jasper county, @ 650 acres, and have in the past hunted Hancock, Glascock, Henry, Newton and Rockdale counties, plus Clybell and Piedmont.

I live in Newton county, I hunt deer and occasionaly small game with a crossbow, a M-70 30.06 and a Ruger SRH 44mag.
I grew up in rural east Texas, and was roaming the woods with a 22 from a very young age.



I spent my first twenty years on this earth in Americus, Ga, Sumter county in south west Ga, hunted Deer, hogs, and most small game. We had an awesome hunting lease in Sumter County until we moved to Fayette county, a little south of Atlanta, where my folks now call home, I am currently in San Diego in the military, but will be heading home soon. My father taught me the ways of the woods, although it was a family and church affair. I now primarily hunt with a bow, but make atleast one trip home every year specifically for hunting, just depends on what Uncle Sam has for me.


Welcome, bearclaw

I spent many years in the San Diego area, do they still allow hunting on some of the military bases???

I lived in Chula Vista till I retired, spent many good days in the Otay Hills after cottontails, So Cal is a nice place to visit but it ain't the south.

Are ya gonna make it back for bow season.



I will be back for the Ca opener this season, but barely. I will be having a kid this fall, my first, so getting to Georgia for some hunting this year most likely won't happen. Ne xt season however I plan on going after Georgia longbeards and only visiting the west coast for some pigs every now and then, and maybe some bear trips. On that note, has anyone
I think Iam finaly getting familar with this site, dah.. fom carroll county, hunt mostly wma (west point), and some friends in butts co., savage 116 weather warrior 30-06, new T/C encore system (209x50 muzzle and 7mag) (can't wait), pse baby G, whitetail, turkey, like to try bear, hog, elk, red stag (don't want much
), any way glad to find this part of forum, hope we can all network now.. Email if you like, thanks, nice to meet u all.


i'm from Greenville, SC but my mom's side of the family is all in Laurens Co., GA. most live in Dudley, but some are in Dublin and where some live you can't really label part of any town. i hunt whatever is in season when i get down there, but i focus on deer, hogs and small game. gonna try for a coyote next time i get down there, they're everywhere! i've used either a 30-30 or a shotgun for eyars but jsut recently got a 7mm-08 and i plan on using my bow some this coming season. my grandad has been the biggest influence on my hunting, but my mom's cousin Johnathan is my current hunting buddy. he shot two 8-points w/in 15 minutes of each other on the same day that i missed a wide-racked 10 pointer this past season. it was an excellent day on the stand!



I just registered here. I am PawDaddy. I have lived in Fayetteville for almost 3 years. I am from Alabama.

I have not been able to hunt since living in Ga because I don't know anyone here.

I enjoy deer hunting mostly.

I am disabled, so I am limited to the physical activity that I can do. Most of me hunting in recent years has been stand/shooting house hunting.

I shoot a Savage .270.

I enjoy guns and shooting as well as hunting.

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