Where are you from in Idaho?


How about some short introductions?

Where are you from in Idaho?

What kind of game do you like to hunt the most?

Who taught you how to hunt and when was your first hunting trip?

Do you use a rifle shotgun, or bow? What kind?

What is your favorite hunting memory?

What is your dream hunt?


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I'm from Boise, been here 15 years. I also have family in McCall so I spend a fair ammount of time there.
I mainly hunt Mule Deer, Elk, and Antelope in the fall and ducks and Geese in the Winter. Big Game's my passion.

I first learned to hunt in Mexico as a kid. I started out as a birddog boy, for the retired americans. I did not hunt for myself until I was 15 years old, but I haven't stopped since.
For the past three years I haven't used anything but a muzzleloader or bow in Idaho.

I really don't have just one favorite hunt memory. Whatever I am planning to hunt next, I recall from my past and visualize for inspiration. Some hunts that stand out in my head are my first deer, first deer with muzzleloader and bow, bull Elk at 15yds. first wild pig, all awesome hunts.
Although, I will never forget being stepped on by fighting Merriam's gobblers. They were literally on top of me, I could have grabbed them both around the neck. It was unreal.

Dream hunts, are a couple of weeks in Alaska then Africa. With the funds to hunt everything.


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Hey fairchase. Glad to see someone reads the stuff here. I'm from CA but deer hunt in Payette. Check in here once in a while and say hi,


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From Caldwell, problly 20 minutes from Boise. Fairchase is making me long for home. I've been away nearly 2 years because of Military training, but hopefully I'll be home this next Chistmas. I have cousins in Emette, Pocatello, New Plymouth, Boise, Meridian and all over the Treasure Valley. I love 4-wheelin and hunting in the Owyhees, and walking in the Boise foothills. I hunt deer around Silver City, and Cow Creek. I hunt elk in the mountains above Emmett and sometimes with my Uncle in the Sawtooths. My Dad taught me how to hunt, but the ironic part is that everytime we go hunting together he looks at rocks. -He loves Geology. I hunt with shotguns, rifles, a bow, and before I graduated to a 30-06 I shot ground hogs at my Aunts house in Middleton with a .22. My favorite hunt memory was spending the day exploring Jump Creek Canyon with my Dad. We saw antelope, lots of does, and found a great place to hunt pheasants.

I really miss Idaho and can't wait to get back. My brother and I plan to do an elk hunting backpack trip into Big Creek in about a fall and a half, that's my dream hunt for now...
From the Coeur D Alene area.

Hunt mostly Elk, Deer, Black Bear, Upland Birds, Coyotes, Cats, Turkey.

My Dad taught me at age 7. Rabbits, Squirrels and tag along for Pheasants.

If I had to choose which game I like to hunt the most from above it would be Elk and Deer.

I shoot a traditional bow by "Brackenbury Bows" in Spokane, A Hoyt compound during wet weather and last ditch effort to score, Ruger .338 for Elk, 30-06 soon to be .270 Remington for Deer, Ruger 22-250 or Ruger .223 for Cats and Coyotes, old Browning "Humpback" A-5, for Upland Birds and Pheasants.

My best hunting memories are with my Dad hunting Bobwhites in N.C., showing him my first Whitetail and more recently, the 2003 Elk season Bowhunting. (See "Trad Gang" forum - "Stories"- "Morning of the Elk.") Didn't get a thing, but the memories are there forever!!

Dream hunt would be 12 Days in Elk country by horseback, away from everyone and everything.



Hello, I currently live in Lancaster California. But just last weekend I went out to Idaho to visit a friend of mine in Meridian and look for houses. Before the weekend was over my wife and I had bid on a house in Star and it is in escrow now. We loved it up there, and I can't wait to start hunting and fishing in my new home, the Boise river runs only a mile from the house I bought
. As far as my hunting background goes I am a novice (but an experienced angler). My father never took me hunting or fishing when I was a kid so I am a self made sportsman and still have a lot to learn. I've succesfully hunted Quail and Dove, and have unsuccesfully attempted Turkey hunting in SoCal, all with a Remington 870 express 12 guage. I just recently bought a 30-06 and am looking foreward to getting into big game hunting. I've done a lot of Mule Deer scouting out here in Cal and have seen many Deer. I acctually have already got my Deer tag and liscense for this year, but it looks like I won't be using them. This move came about sooner than I had anticipated. So I can't wait untill I have resided in Idaho for six months and can begin my hunting adventures there. The top three tags I'd like to fill in my new home will be Turkey, Antelope, and Mule Deer. And then I'll go from there.
Im in Emmett Matt and I just flat love scouting new areas. If you are up for it come late winter or early spring I can show you a couple cool spots I have found so far. Im 50, male and in very good shape as I spent the last 3 months hiking and hunting the high country from the Sawtooths over to Indian valley. Thats a big chunk of land but only a tiny percentage of the state. I'm really looking forward to getting out and shed hunting in the winter ranges. I saw some massive bulls this year and I know where they are wintering. Of course all the big bulls I saw were about a month after my season ended. MSG me if interested.

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