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Where are you from in Illinois?


How about some short introductions?

Where are you from in Illinois?

What kind of game do you like to hunt the most?

Who taught you how to hunt and when was your first hunting trip?

Do you use a rifle shotgun, or bow? What kind?

What is your favorite hunting memory?

What is your dream hunt?


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I'll start this if nobody else is going to.

Live in Andover, Henry County, just south east of the Quad Cities.

I do more Deer hunting than antything, but I love spring Turkey hunting. I also hunt waterfowl and just about anything else when I get the chance.

My Dad taught me how to shoot (got my first .22 for christmas at 13), and my first real hunting was squirrel hunting with my uncle.

Use a Mossberg 500 with Bushnell red dot for Deer, Hoyt MT Sport for a bow. CVA Optima .50 for Blackpowder, Mossberg 835 waterfowl eddition for turkey and waterfowl. also have a couple .22's and a Savage 7mm Rem-Mag.

Favorite hunting memory, would be coon hunting with my Grandpa when I was around 12. A close second would have to be my first Turkey, which was only a couple years ago.

Don't know what is my dream hunt. So many things I want to do, Archery bear hunt in Canada, Elk hunt out west, Hog hunt as well as others.

Now lets here from others.


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Welcome TruShot! I'm no longer in IL, but I used to live up near Rockford. I still get back to that area to archery hunt deer when I can.


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Central Illinois, Browning, Beardstown area.Very good waterfowl and deer area. Live right across from Anderson Lake. Can roll down the hill and hunt & fish all I want.


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I from about 40 miles west of Chicago, near Aurora.
I prefer to hunt deer, but pheasant and rabbits are still fun.
I both rifle and bow hunt, took my first deer this year with a bow. I shot a 150+ lb doe on Nov 9th. She was being chased by a nice 6 pt buck, who my arrow went right over. He didnt spook from the shot, just walked slowly away. She stayed near by and gave me a second chance at about 15 yards away.

I shoot a PSE Firestorm Lite with Easton CarbonAero Excel 340s with 100 gr Rocket Ultimate Steel fixed heads.
My rifle is a Remington Model 700 30-06 with a Bushnell Elite 3200 scope.
I head to WI for the gun season, up about 90 miles north of Green Bay to a friends cabin and woods.

I am now looking/gathering/researching a deer hunt in Maine next near. Thought it would be something fun, different, and way cheaper then my dream elk hunt out west.


Hello everyone,Nice to meet ya'all...
I live in Granite City Ill, Not far from the river in madison CO.
But I hunt in southern ILL. in The Shawnee Forest in Jackson and Randolph co's.

I Bow hunt deer the most, I also shotgun hunt, And Turkey hunt also. Do some squerrle hunting and also so yote hunting.
I like to bow hunt most of all!!! Then spring turkey second!!
Ive black bear hunted up north in canada, and Ive hunted Mule deer out west in Montana. I have pics from both I'll post some time soon.
My Hubby got me hooked on hunting about 10 years ago, and now its all I think about..*L*
My Dream hunt, is to hunt Moose in Alaska...And carabou in northern canada...Well nice meetin ya'all


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Lynwood, a south suburb of Chicago. Deer hunt in Will County and some in Cass. Big game hunt out west most years. Headed to Nevada for elk & Colorado for mule deer this year.

uncle Jer

Northern Ill in Wonder Lake about 8 miles south of Wisconsin Line
Coyote,and crows used to hunt anything but running out of hunting areas. 12 guage Maverick 2 barrels 1 rifled 24 in with scope and other 24 in with screwin choke tubes both ported, .270 ATR 100 and Marlin 25mn in .22 mag also a ruger 10/22 for target shooting. got my frist 22 when I was 8 springfield single shot and first shotgun when I was 9 a 20ga lever action single shot made by Ithaca still have it and still shoot it hunted a lot of raccoons so its pretty beat up I'm now 54.


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I live in Knox Co. near Galesburg. Happy to meet everyone. Hunt mostly small game, coons, rabbits, crows, woodchucks, etc..
Have to give credit to my oldest brother for starting me out hunting. Of course I was the one carrying all the rabbits for the first few years. Started with an old H & R single shot 20ga.. That baby sure put alot of meat on the supper table.
Now mostly use a Moss. 500 in 410 for rabbits and a Rem Nylon 66 for coon hunting. Almost every hunting trip was a memory for me. Now it's either no time or no money. I think a deram hunt for me would be to get 50 coons in one night of hunting. The most I ever got in one night was 13.

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