Where are you from in Maine?


I live and make my livin in westbrook but spend most of my time at my place up around eustis.I like to hunt fox,yote, ducks, deer,bear,coon,cats,patridge,woodcock,crows. As for fishing fresh,salt, fly or worm its all good .Realy into land trapping fox,fisher,coon and yotes with a lil water trapping. Do alot of bow hunting hear in town.Im also a master maine guide. As for guns each one has its time and place.Im self employed so i make time to do the things i like therefor im broke most of the time but usualy have nice toys to play with. Ow by the way NICE SITE !!! Thanks Phil


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Welcome aboard Phil...like you,I'm broke most all the time too.
Are you a hound hunter too?Gotta love the call of a lop-eared ole hound.No wonder we're poor.
Glad ya found us here.


Have a lab for bringin in the ducks on them cold mornings and folowed a few beagals around the woods . Thats about it


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Hi. I'm in Pittsfield. I've been living here(Pittsfield) for about 4 years. I'm originally from Michigan and I didn't start getting into deer hunting until I moved up here. It's now an obsession and I usually dream about deer hunting year round! :)
I use all of my vacation time in November.lol



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Howdy all, new here to the site. I live on the downeast coast and enjoy most types of huntin. I prefer to hunt whitetails and chase hounds on bear, cat, coon. I have lived here since 1995, grew up in W.V. I've been thinking bout getting into hunting for moose and deer sheds around my area. Nice site you have here.


Howdy ....I live in Newport Maine. 25 miles from bangor. We should have a Maine get together

you to visit our deer farm and hunt preserve.

From the woods of Maine,
Mark Luce


From East Livermore, I hunt everything except water fowl. I take all my vacation time in nov. I have 3 weeks off in november to deer hunt, the first week i have off to hunt near home and in Fayette. then on the thanksgiving week and the week after i will be at my camp in Wellington, hunting the Forks, Jackman, moosehead regions. I have a bunch of guns the ones i use for deer are, fields and cuttings, rem 700 300 win mag, and for still hunting, tracking i use a rem 7600 carbine in 3006. For a black powder rifle i had a Traditions inline, i gave it to my brother and i up graded for a CVA Kodiak Pro. I also bow hunt for deer and will use it for bear maybe.... I am baiting bear for the first time this year, the stand is built (on private land) bait site is cleared and i have 3+ barrels of bait coming. I have hunted moose, got a 500lb bull in Langtown in 2002, I varmint hunt year long for every varmint i can. Keeps you sharp for deer season.


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I'm up in Orono. Mainly hunting partridge and deer in Milford and the surrounding areas. My camp is on Spec Pond in Osborne where I also hunt deer and ducks. I grew up way down the coast in Camden, though. Sadly, my secret spot for hunting blacks and mallards on Frohawk Brook in Lincolnville has now succumbed to coastal condo development.

Currently I'm shooting a Remington in .30-06 or my trusty old Marlin .30-.30. I actually prefer the Marlin since I'm not much of a tree-stand hunter and prefer still-hunting the brush.


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I live in Naples, Maine, grew up in Stockton Springs, graduated in Searsport. I hunt in Naples, Denmark, Otisfield and Sweden. I mostly hunt deer and do bowhunt. I also bassfish. I belong to MBFN and USA Bassin.

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