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Where are you from in Massachusetts?


How about some short introductions?

Where are you from in Massachusetts?

What kind of game do you like to hunt the most?

Who taught you how to hunt and when was your first hunting trip?

Do you use a rifle shotgun, or bow? What kind?

What is your favorite hunting memory?

What is your dream hunt?


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I've spent most of my life in the Medway ,Milford, Bellingham aria .
I started hunting 7 years ago Deer and Turkey I also started fishing around the same time



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Hey Woodsman....I live 2 1/2 miles from the town of Medway Maine.The man that founded this town named it after his old girlfriends hometown....Medway Mass.


I was born in Scituate Ma, grew up in Scituate, Cohasset anad Duxbury, then moved out to Springfield for college. Currently I live in Wilbraham and work for Hasbro games (formerly The Milton Bradley Co.). I hunt mostly deer, Bow and gun seasons in Ma, Ct, Me, NY and sometimes Vt.

My best friend taught me to hunt about 12 years ago and was 10 feet to my right when I shot my first buck still hunting thru some pines.

My dream hunt would probably be a midwest bowhunt or elk bowhunt.



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born in brighton then the other 25 years of my life has been in dedham.

i do 97% of my hunting in maine and seem to be doing less and less hunting in MA. do to no knowledge of where to hunt near my house and myslef and my dad are the only hunters in my family.
bought a bow this year so i might be able to try some hunting in MA. but doubt it. i hunt deer and black bear. used to hunt pheasant and partridge but not into it like i used to.


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Born and raised on the South Shore and hunt anywhere I can, every state in New England and New York.
Bow hunting is #1 to me.
Dream hunt will be with my kids in a few years


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Yes, I know many of these guys from the old HA site so its nice to be back and meet some new folks also. I currently live in pembroke and hunt Middlboro quite a bit.

This year I'm huning Maine, Mass and NY, NH also if i tag out in Maine.

I do most of my striper fishing out of Falmouth, had a great year, put it this way my 5 year old got a 40" 19 pounder, you should have seen the ones he passed the rod back to me!



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Arlow, I live in Pembroke and lived in Duxbury for a spell, small world. There are some kick ass deer in that area these days, some growing huge unhunted.

MBull I have bought two bows from Reedy's but I'm not sure I could recommend them anymore. I agree a good shop that seems to have lost some of the individual customer skills, they used to be really great


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Hey everyone. Newbee here at JHO. Born and raised in Ma. I am incredably addicted to the sport of Deer hunting. Start with the first day of Archery and end with the last day of Muzzleloader. Been doing it for about 15 years now.Live in worcester but do most of my hunting in Spencer and Hardwick. Having a really tough year though, havnt seen any deer except for the ones that are going for a pick-up ride.


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Cityboy gone Natural!
Born and raised In Somerville MA, currently own a house in Wobun, MA
My Family owns a home On Cape Cod, so I did exCAPE the city on weekends and Worked the summers Fishing strippers and trout and washed dishs at night while i was a teen.
A friend let me shoot his bow 5 years ago and I was HOOKED!!
NH- Deer and Turkey 10 miles radi from Woburn
MA-Deer, Turkey(bow) and pheasant. White Mtns
MI- Deer during archery season. Lansing,Williamston
CAPE COD-Strippers.


Greetings to all!

I currently live in Wareham but for most of my life lived in Falmouth.

I have learned how to hunt on my own as I grew up in a household where my parents thought guns were evil! I was always wanted to hunt so one of the first things I did when I turned 18 was purchase myself a shotgun to hunt with! (my parents views on guns have lightened up a little bit as a result of some fine game dinners)

I started out hunting pheasants and quail on the Cape but soon graduated to hunting deer and I have not gone back to bird hunting since.

I hunt deer in both MA and VT starting with bow all the way through blackpowder season thanks to a wife who accepts being a "deer hunters widow" probabaly as a result of her love for venison.

During the summer I am an avid saltwater fisherman fishing inshore for stripers and blues and offshore for tuna and sharks.

My favorite hunting memory is probably of the first deer I ever shot up in VT. We drove 7.5 hours (normally a 3 hour drive) in a snowstorm to get there in time for opening day. Shot the deer 1 minute into legal shooting time after trying for 5 years to get a deer!


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Lived here in Gill all my life. It's not the same as it used to be though.
If three cars went by in a row, it was a parade back in the 70's.
Now were lucky to get a 5 min. break without a car going by. TOO MANY YUPPIES.
I know we have deer around here cause I can see their tracks but I think they are invisible cause I'm not seeing them this year.

Took up bowhunting in 93 and just love archery in general. Good way to relax
after work.



Born and Raised in Wellesley Ma. ( Where Did All The Woods Go ? ) Hopkinton in the 70's ( only time My LTC was for Target & Hunting Only ) Buckfield and Hartford Me in the early 80's while Logging in Western Me. ( there really are Deer in Me. , just not during Hunting Season )
Presently in Natick, Ma. Deer Hunt in the Wachusett Reservoir and the Holden / Rutland / Barre area ( I know there are a lot of Deer Down My Way , But We Just Hate TICK BURGERS )
My Parents have always been against guns ,but gave Me a Ted Williams 22 on My 16th B-Day. ( I wanted a BB Gun so I could shoot with/at the other kids )
Hunted with My Uncle in Me. 16 to 21 then got away from it.
Started back into it when My DD realized that was Venison She liked so much at "Uncle Craigs " in N.Turner Me. and She wanted to Help with the Harvest . She Took a LTC coarse, Got Her FID at 15 , Went to Jr. Conservation Camp , and has been Shooting on Jr. Rifle Teams since She was 8, She was one of the two Rifle Coaches at the BOW Firearms Day Last Month at Hansen R & G Club. I know one of Us will Hit a Deer, I just wish it could Be Me.

Bob / Cheryl
DW & DD just gave Me a H&R 20 Ga. Ultra Slug Deluxe for my 60th B-Day


other then the guy from gill sounds like a bunch of city boys. I am just kidding guys. im from petersham if you guys are ever lokoking to come this way let me know ill hook ya up

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