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Where are you from in Michigan?


HI.....I grew up in Eastern Muskegon county. Now I live a little further north, in Newaygo county between White Cloud and Newaygo. I love to hunt deer and small game (but have not done that in a while). I love both bow and gun hunting, but prefer bow because of quiteness. But only been bow hunting for about 5 or 6 years....still looking for my first bow kill. Good Luck, Happy Hunting, and Be Safe.


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Hello everybody,
I just found this site and thought I would join on in.
I recognize a few names from another site I visit every so often.
For those of you that recognize my log in name let me say that yes I am the same Oct. 1 from the other Michigan web page.
I am born and raised in Michigan. Grew up in Manistique most of my childhood years than moved to southeast lower where I have been spending the most of my life.
Right now I live in South Lyon. I am in process of closing a deal on some land in Merritt so I plan on hunting it over Thanksgiving. Than back to bow season. Hopefully in about 5 more years I will retire there.
Take care everyone and I hope you all have a safe, and joyful hunting and holiday season.


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Below da bridge of course...Buchanan in the way southwest corner, we're just 10 miles from South Bend, Indiana.


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Hey Recurve good to have ya. The MI forum has slowed quite a bit but hope it picks up a little closer to hunting season. I grew up not to far from you in Dimondale. Have Lived up in the UP for the last 15 or so years


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Been at Jessies awhile now but never found the state sites until today. Man do I feel silly. This is what happens when you sit around the house playing with the computer and get bored...you start exploring!

Anyway I was born and raised in the Lansing/Dewitt/Laingsburg area. Have also lived in Escanaba and the Kincheloe area. I recently bought a new place near Ashley/Bannister. Between St. Johns and Saginaw just south of the Gratiot/Saginaw state game area.

I enjoy deer hunting with gun and bow and rabbit hunting with beagles. My true love however is squirrel dogs. I raise, train, and hunt Treeing Feist.



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WOW you've been around the state a little, cripe sounds like me raised by Lansing lived in Kincheloe and now live by Escanaba and wife is from Graiot CO. Welcome anyway ME. What brought you to the UP? Better yet what in the world made you leave


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I'm a pastor and my Dad was a pastor. I was born and lived most of my child hood as a troll. Then my dad took a church in Esky when I was a senior in High School. I was there for a year and a couple of summers in between College. Then after college I took a youth pastorate at a church on the old AFB at Kincheloe. While working there I also lived out by Raber for a couple of years.

WHy did I leave...well I took a church in Wisconsin just south of Watersmeet, MI. Was there for 4 years but had to move back near family when my son was born with multiple birth defects. We coudln't get the care he needed up there. I do go back up to Raber for a couple of weeks every year and work in a youth camp. Every year I wish I could stay!

My new place is just into Gratiot county. Been here about 6 weeks I think and really love it.



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Hey upper, lived in Kinchloe or did a stint at Kinchloe?
Where near Lansing? I was raised in Williamston. My wife grew up in Kinross, around the corner from Kinchloe.


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Howdy all,...

I was born in Grosse Point Farms, MI. and lived most of my life in the Ann Arbor, MI. area.
I moved to Northen lower Michigan in 1993 where I called Charlevoix, MI. my home until 2000.
I got married and moved to Ossineke, MI. where currently reside on a small farm of 80 acres.
Ossineke is a small town that is located about 12 miles South of Alpena, MI.

My father is the person who gets the credit in starting me with the shooting and hunting sports. He
was an avid sportsman who hunted and fished using all methods availible. I started archery very young
at around the age of 7-8 and it came naturally. I was hunting with firearms first at the age of 10.
and started out with a .22 and 20 ga. and worked up over the years from those.

I'm currently 55 years young and have hunted all of those years using both archery and firearms my two
favorite species to hunt are Elk & Whitetail. My two favorite hunting tools are my bow, a Pearson
Diamondback VX , 28in draw @ 70# shooting 300fps with 75 ft lbs of K.E. & my Remington BDL chambered
in 7mm Mag. I do my own arrow fletching and make my own ammo and have done so for around 20 some
years now.

There's just something about crafting your own ammo and shafts to take your game with,.. it gives

you a GOOD feeling inside.


Hey guys...glad to see alot of others from MI. I do see a few familiar faces

My name is Tom, brand new to the site, not sure how it took me so long to find it but Im here

I live in Swartz Creek, just west of Flint but I have property in Paris (just north of Big Rapids). Avid bowhunter and getting into food plots and deer cams pretty heavy now. Just thought id stop in and say Hi


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Capac here...8 miles e of Imlay City. I hunt whitetails, with any weapon legally available!!! I sure would like to meet someone near my area, bowhunting by myself just isn't any fun!! My daughter loves to gun hunt
(shotgun only in our area) but doesn't have the patience necc. for the old stick and string
I am blessed to have a couple of nice spots to hunt, but my health (look in the whitetail forum) keeps me in my e-z chair some days!!!


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Born and raised around Ithaca. Ran away with the circus (Air Force) and have only been back a few times. I am retired from the AF and live in Northern California. Have family still in Michigan and hope someday to get back for some whitetail action. But for now I'm out here huntin the Pacific Coast Ghost known as the Columbian Blacktail.

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