Where are you from in Nevada?


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Hi SD, good luck with the fishing and hunting, I'll be spending all my days off in August in the rubies, archery deer and bass fishing the marshes.

I was going to stop by and say "HI" but for the life of me ,I can't remember how to get to your place...


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I am not in NV anymore. I moved to CAs central valley 10 or so years ago, But I grew up in Yerington, and hunted as much as I could, all over the state. Our whole family was into it, But my Dad and I more so. I hunt with rifles, pistol, and shotgun. I'm not opposed to archery, I just never practiced enough to be good with it. I've taken muleys, a pronghorn, an elk, ducks, geese, quail, chukar, rabbits, doves, almost got into some sage grouse but my brother beat me to it, and I'm sure a couple others I can't think of now. I still try to get back as often as I can, and I usually put in for a non-resident deer tag, though it's been a few years since I drew. Maybe someday I will convince my CA girl that the slow-paced country ways are better and we'll go back for good. Time will tell:)

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