Where are you from in Ohio?


How about some short introductions?

Where are you from in Ohio?

What kind of game do you like to hunt the most?

Who taught you how to hunt and when was your first hunting trip?

Do you use a rifle shotgun, or bow? What kind?

What is your favorite hunting memory?

What is your dream hunt?


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Youngstown, Ohio
Favorite game to hunt would be rabbit, deer
Father taught me the art of hunting, this is my 6th season
.22 rifle on squirrel, ithaca 20ga on rabbits, mossberg 500 on deer
Favorite hunting memory was my first buckI shot in 2002
Dream hunt would be Anticosti Island whitetail or russian boar with a bow


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In Cali now but originally from NW Ohio and make it back every year for deer season, gun or bow depending on other trips.


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Orrville, OH
My favorite game to hunt is deer.
My father taught me alot about hunting and I've learned many different things on my own.
I use a Horton Safari Express Crossbow and a 12 Gauge Remingtion 1100.
I have tons of favorite memories, but I would have to say my favorite is of the buck I shot this season.
My dream hunt would be to travel to Maine and hunt Moose.


From Dayton Ohio. I love to waterfowl hunt. I hunt Caesars Creek Lake, Rocky Fork, Lake Erie, and some local fields around Dayton. I also love to turkey hunt in SE Ohio. I also deer hunt down there as well. I'm 22 and right now a junior at wright state university. I am part of the ohiowaterfowler.com field staff as well as ohiogobbler.com field staff.


I'm from Wapakoneta. I hunt less and less locally, but have hunted in SE Ohio since 1972. I deer hunt with archery and black powder (I haven't used a shotgun since '81) and some with a handgun. I hunt turkeys, groundhogs and coyotes. I've been to Canada bear hunting (flintlock) and Montana elk hunting (center fire). I learned most of my hunting through Outdoor Life and trial & error.


Bellefontaine, oh
Well there is not anything that we don't hunt(here is a short list:
deer,turkey,waterfowl,rabbit,pheasant,rails,sheds,doves,pigeons,and all other big game I can afford)
Grandpa and Dad taught me to hunt
I hunt with all legal methods, prefer bow for deer
Dream hunt is any hunt

lazy s

Pike County. Guess what ! I don,t hunt anything but I have the cabin and I do the the cooking for our little club.Deer is our main harvest we do go after turkey, grouse, squirell and an occasionalcoyote. lazy s


Orient Ohio here, Favorite game to hunt would be deer.
I use a bowtech mission. Also use a thompson center black diamond during the gun season. Father taught me to hunt and learned a lot myself out in the woods. First hunt would have been squirrel. Best memory would be my first deer which was a decent size 9 point.

Willy P

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I'm from the Madison County area. I do some hunter education here and try to work the Fair at least once in the summer for the DNR. I also am starting on as a Buckeye Trial maintainer. I love my archery deer and turkey hunting here in OH and also hunt dove, waterfowl, etc. My biggest love would be getting in the truck and pointing it twards WY to chase mulies in the mountains though. Anyone interested in some backpacking? It's hard to get motivated to go alone and being retired it is hard to find someone to go through the week when it is not crowded.


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Were are you from in Ohio?

Washington County

What kind of game do you like to hunt the most?


Who taught you how to hunt and when was your first hunting trip?

My dad taught me to be quite on my first hunt at 8. I taught myself the rest...

Do you use a rifle shotgun, or bow? What kind?

CVA Optima Elite and a Mathews Switchback XT. Those are my tools...

What is your favorite hunting memory?

My fiancee's first bow kill. It was the most picture perfect hunt I have ever been on.

What is your dream hunt?

Bowhunting lions in Africa...


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Fairfield County
Whitetail Deer
Self Taught, Started later in life after spouses death
Ithaca 20 ga. Deerslayer, T/C Muzzleloader, Traditional Bow Hunting, Self Made Arrows, T/C 22-250 for coyote, 44 Mag Revolver, Marlin 30-30 or 22 Mag for everthing else.
My first deer with a bow and my arrow is currently my best memory
Bear in Alaska with a Marlin 45-70 would be a dream hunt


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I live in Canton, ohio. I hunt whitetail with a Bowtech Guardian and a Thompson Center Encore. Started hunting when i was 6 with my dad and granddad. Mostly squirrel, rabbit and coon. My first deer was a small 8 pt. in West Virginia. My best memory is hunting W.V. with my dad, brother, and granddad. my dream hunt would be whitetail in Iowa with Tiffany Lakoski.

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