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Where are you from in Texas?


How about some short introductions?

Where are you from in Texas?
What kind of game do you like to hunt the most?
Who taught you how to hunt and when was your first hunting trip?
Do you use a rifle shotgun, or bow? What kind?
What is your favorite hunting memory?
What is your dream hunt?


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I'm from Killeen Texas, although I still call where I grew up in Arkansas home also.

I hunt deer and turkey on Fort Hood with my son and some friends of mine.

After many years away from it, I've recently taken up bow hunting again, although I still hunt with a rifle, shotgun, and blackpoweder, just depends on the season the the area.

My dad taught me to hunt starting when I was about 4. Didn't let me carry a gun though till I was 12. I still remember, he let me carry an old single shot .22. We were squirrel hunting with a dog we called Bell. She tread one right off. I think that if they hadn't clear cut that area that I could take you back to that very tree today. Anyway, Dad he shook a bush to turn the him and I had a perfect shot. I took aim, squeezed the trigger and that critter took off. Dad downed him with his 12 gage. When old Bell brought Dad the squirrel, he turned to me and asked me what part of the critter I was shooting at, cause it was missing most of it's lower jaw. I told him I was aiming at it's head. He didn't say another word, just grinned and walked on. To this day, I still catch heck if I "ruin" any meat.

My dad was diagnosed with macular degeneration a couple of years back and is now legally blind. My dream hunt would be to go out once again with the "Old Man" and an "Old Hound" after some bushy tails. I'd most likely miss a few just so the Old Man would have to pick up my slack. Funny, how things sometimes go full circle.


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I live just East of Dallas and have been a "self taught" hunter for the most part. My brother and I started when we were 13 and 14 years old "hunting" snakes, rabbits and squirels. Mainly because the biggest gun we had was a .22 single shot. After several years of that I then joined the military were I learned the finer art of shooting larger cal. rifles and long distance's. My travels in the military limited my hunting so when I got out in '97 I jumped in both feet, hands, etc.. I purchased a nice 30.06 and a nice .22 as well as a 20 ga and a 12 ga shotgun. I then started some skeet shoting and feel in love with dove hunting, haven't missed a year yet and learn something every year. I also picked up deer hunting at the same time since a life long friend hunted and he was the reason I started deer hunting with a rifle. Then about 5 years ago I started Bow hunting and never looked back.

I now hunt with a PSE Whitetail Extream bow, trusty ol' REM 30.06, Rugar .22, Mossberg 20 ga, Rem 12 ga, and looking at a 7 mag.

I hunt Deer, Hog, Squirel, Rabbit, Dove, Quail, Coon, Yotes, Bobcats on a regular basis every year.

I have hunt Exotics once and have taken a nice Corsican Ram.

I hope to hunt Turkey, Elk, Moose, Buffalo, Deer in general like Axis etc..,Mule Deer, and wild Sheep/Goats if I can ever find a resonably prices place to go.

My fondest memory would be taking my daughter, 8 years old now but only 7 at the time, hunting with me and her getting he very first squirel.

Bob in TX

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I live in San Antonio. My passion is predator hunting. I also hunt deer-(whitetail, mule deer, free range axis, free range sika), pronghorn, free range blackbuck, free range aoudad, hogs, javelina, turkey, squirrels, rabbits, badgers, and coons here in Texas.

My favorite rifles are a .22LR, 22-250 and 7mm-08. I also use a Contender in 7x30 Waters and .223.

Good Hunting,



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I live in Boyd,Tx, but hunt in Erath Co. I hunt dove, hogs, wt deer, pheasant, turkey, have hunted dall sheep(got a nice ram), squirrel, and rabbits. I use 7mm mag Savage, Marlin 30-30, .22 mag, 12 ga., and .410ga. Hoping to bag a big buck this year......I wish everyone a good season.


I live in Killeen, I was born in Brady, Tx. I am hunting in Lometa this year, I normally hunt around Fredricksburg. I am new at this site just found it this week and enjoy it very much. I like to hunt and fish for just about anything, As long as I can be outdoors enjoying the wildlife. I hunt with a Remington 30-06 pump, Ruger 22 and a 12 Ga. I just took up turkey hunting 2 years ago and really enjoy it. I have 2 boys 7 & 4 and a 1yr old little girl. I hope to start taking the boys hunting in the next few years.


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Hey bradyboy, I grew up in Lometa, small world. My grandpa owns the land we hunt on going towards Bend. Maybe we might run in to each other, where abouts do you hunt if you don't mind me asking?


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Well I was born, raised, and still live in the Houston area. My whole family has hunted on and off through the years. My older sisters were happy when my folks had me as it got them off the hook.

I was out in the woods with my dad at the age of 2 going to his stand and deer camp. I still remember him getting one one morning and then me finishing it off with my stick gun. LOL He told me for years that there was no way I could remember that until I told him too many details about the day that were correct.

I followed suit and got my first deer at 6, it wasn't anything to speak of just a nubbing buck taken off the Johnson ranch in Bandera. As time wore on we hunted many places through out Texas. I will always miss not being able to repay him for what he gave me.

I had a daughter, right out of high school and she fell right in with the tradition. My mom would take her out with her to sit in her stand so we could concentrate on getting the big one. At the age of 9 she dropped her first buck at close to 200 yds. in our back pasture, with me 25-06. She has hunted with me every since.

We have hunted turkey, hogs, deer and dove. However the top favorites are the deer and hogs. We hunt East Texas from Midway to Palestine, our place being there. She has taken it over as there are few deer that cross there anymore and she likes to have the place to herself. The apple don't fall far from the tree and she basically copied what I did coming out of school. She busted a nice 18" 8 point two weeks from delivery, then her my wife and my mom all loaded it up and hauled it to the processor. She got a free one for doing it in her condition. LOL

If your interested in some of the pictures here is a link to my site.

I can hardly wait till my two year old grandson gets out there this year with his mom . He already has the camo and can pick out a deer from over a hundered yards. Hopefully he will keep the tradition going.



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bradyboy, I think that is what we call the old Lometa Road which runs by the shcool and comes out on 183 that goes on into Lampasas. If it is the road I am thinking about it runs by my granny's house.


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I'm from San Antonio, TX.
I grew up in Burnet, TX and learned to hunt on a small patch of land in Fairland, TX (between Burnet & Marble Falls).
Now a days I usually hunt (deer) near Comfort, TX with a Remington .270


I live in Eastland Co. Tx, just moved here about two yrs ago from San Angelo, TX. I hunt here in Eastland, also Brownwood,Mertzon, San Angelo, Robert Lee, and hunted mule deer in Dryden and phesant in Muleshoe last yr. I hunt Whitetail, Muleys, dove, phesant, and my passion is TURKEY. Man I love hearing that gobble in the spring woods. I'm working real hard on turning 35(OUCH) have a wonderful wife of 13yrs, two kids one of each, son is 10 and daughter is 5.

BradyBoy...ya know any of them Ol'Bradshaws from Brady/Mason area????


TexasRio yeah I know the Bradshaws. Me and my brother went to school with them and their sisters. We used to play baseball with them. My mom and their mom were friends. How do you know them?


Use to ride a few bulls and drink a few...alright alot of beer with Randy from Mason.
I work for Tye here at Vulcan Materials in Abilene, I do all of there Lab work for them.


Hey Deerguide,

I see you live in Killeen too. Do you still hunt at Ft. Hood? I am thinking about hunting out there a little bit this year. Not asking for any secrets but what are some good areas? I hunted there a few years ago with no luck. Shoot me an email and lets talk mayve we can hook up out there sometime.



I grew up in South texas (Beeville, Pettus, George West & Skidmore). Joined the Army to see the world, decided the rest of the world is too damn cold & carried my butt back to texas. My family calls Port "A" Home. Once I got back to the coast I swore I would never leave again..... Then I met a girl from Lampasas, The rest my friend is history......

I too try to hunt Ft Hood. I've been here since 7/99, 2yrs in the Reserves, 2 yrs Mobilized and nearly 1yr as a DoD Employee. The $$$ of licenses are getting ridiculous. $65 for Active Military E5+ and DoD Civilians. No military affiliation = $100 (Prices do not include state license also).

Dove hunting is really good, A few Quail but the population is booming, Deer are heavily (over) managed, Feral Hog was looking real positive until the month of October when they trapped 60+ and then resorted to shooting from a helicopter 100+. They couldn't waited until after deer season to give the hunters a chance at a few? The pigs were mostly contained to 2 training areas, since the pressure they have dispersed.... which will make "controlling" them more difficult now that they have pushed them out & dispersed the population. I did see 2 in the cooler, 125lb & 185lb boars.

We had a bumper crop of young bucks this year. On Ft Hood I have seen some really nice Bucks harvested & a bunch of yearlings. 3 diff 1 1/2yr old basket 8pt bucks have been harvested from an area where I was after there daddy, A HUGE 12 Pt that has been shredding trees 3-5" in diameter. He's still there and several hunters have seen him since we shot the quota of Bucks. Oh well, he has another year to breed!

My Dad taught me how to hunt..... I was 15 & reading an Outdoor Annual before I realized there were seasons on Deer. I grew up on venison & rabbit year around and occasionally beef. My Grandfather taught me how to hunt legally.

I use d) All of the Above. I have a Savage .270, Marlin 35Rem Brush Gun (Hogs), Stevens 67 12Ga w/Matching Stevens 67L(ladies) 20ga Shotguns, a Marlin .22 & a Bear Whitetail Express Bow. Depends on the situation, I have 1 buck & 1 Doe tag left, I plan on taking 1 with Shotgun & fill last tag with Bow..... I hope.

Favorite hunting memory would have to be a new post, I've already been on the
too long,


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The ghost is from Bandera Texas but now lives in San Antonio, I started hunting forty years ago when I was 21 years old On my own. I huntied with my dad in my child hood in our own ranch in Batesvile, Texas but did not actually get in to it until I got my discharge from the USAF in 1969, I am a Vietnam Vet Proud American Indian and I mostly hunt White Tail Deer and Turkey, some exotics now and then. My Favorite rifle is my savage 308 and my Marlin 30-06 I still own a savage 222 which my dad gave me in 1969 as a coming home present. Memoralbe
hunt in Sabinal, Texas I was on a tree stand an came down for a natures call, left my gun on the stand. When starting to go up the ladder I heard a grunt and was ten yards away from a 12 point massive buck. I frooze and so did the buck it took me forty five minutes to climb the ladder and get to my rifle with out spooking the buck an inch at a time The buck had gone behind some mesquite brush and I could only see steem coming out of his nose as he was breathing.I held my 222 for another ten minutes untill he steped out 15 yard away and gave me a neck shot. that was in 1970 and I still have the horns. I have been out in a deer blind on opening day every year the last forty.


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Hey IndianGhost, welcome to JHO.
I used to hunt North of Hondo many years ago. I dont have a lease now, but I usually fill the freezer hunting at Aransas Natl Wildlife Refuge. I'll be doing that hunt again this year.


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Greetings Lan-Lord Don't suppose you know Johnny Ney from D'hanis
ten mile past Hondo we hunted Seco Creek for many years way back. Can you believe we were charged 20 bucks for a doe and 50 for a buck back then no lease fee and he fed corn all year long. This guy also owned the property in Sabinal which is just up the road from D'hanis where the ihunt I described happened. Where do you live now.

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