Where are you from in Texas?


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Welcome to Texas SoCalHunter. I live over near Garland, which is east of you. You should really enjoy things here. And yes, things are more liberal here. I will keep my ears open on the lease. I already am on one that is full. Also keep an eye out for a JHO get together. Hopefully we can start getting in two per year if we are lucky. Check out www.deertexas.com Thats a pretty good reference for deer leases. Also, start researching county websites and city websites close to the areas you would like to hunt. Most should be posting their available leases soon. Deer texas does cost, but they have a good selection usually. I think Borderbandit uses them every once in awhile. Anyways, we may have to have a DFW JHO get together soon. Reddog is not too far. We could always meet at the Big Buck Brewery and steakhouse at Bass Pro in Grapevine one evening. Somthing to think about. Their are others in this area. Anyone interested in a get together here in the DFW area? Speak up and maybe we can arrange something.


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Hey BigSwad,

Thank you for the welcome! Garland is not too far away, I saw it on the map and it's like a little north east of Dallas. Reddog is in Mckinney I believe which is not too far away either, just north of Dallas. It'll ne nice to meet up and Bass Pro Shops seems like a good neutral point to meet at the Big Buck Brewery whenever you guys want to, we could have a beer or two and shoot the sh*t

We also have Cabela's which is pretty close as well and we could browse the gun counters and gallery as well while we were there, you never know, one more gun may come home with you that day, you never know
, we are so blessed by having all of these nice stores around us

I'll check www.deertexas.com but you know, nothing beats to join a lease from somebody that you know or that you were referred to, that way you have better odds to land on a good place, so if you see or hear anything, let me know, because this year I want it to be my first year hunting deer in Texas.

I look forward to meeting all of you guys from the Lone Star State and when the next hunt is scheduled pencil me in!


Guess it's my turn so here it is,i've lived in and around Rockwall since 1980 and i have hunted mostly dove when it comes to birds.Last two years i have hunted elk with good success but i'm more a meat hunter instead of trophy horns.It's been a long time since i've hunted deer and looking forward to some exotic hunting.My rifles are a 22-250 for varmits and smaller game followed with a 30-06 for bigger game.I bought a 25-06 and can't wait to get it in the field but it has to wait.I broke my back at work awhile back but now it's time to get out and start getting in shape for hunting.Something i havn't hunted is turkey and pigs and hoping i can do at least a turkey hunt this coming season and the pig can wait for awhile.


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Welcome aboard marksman! Glad to see the Texans starting to filter in. Myself and SoCal are thinking about a JHO night at the local Bass Pro in Grapevine. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks before I head to Africa. But welcome aboard and feel at home. This is a great site with some really good people and lots of information about hunting and fishing.


Thanks BigSwad but we are about ready to head out of town for a long spell as i promised the wife a vacation when i retired.I had plans on getting with Borderbandit for a axis hunt but that changed when i got hurt so it will have to wait.Have fun at the JHO night and hopefully more people will chime in and it will be a but success.In africa i hope you have a lot of fun and get a chance at everything you plan on hunting.When you get back maybe we can plan a forum hunt or two with other members to join in,maybe another axis,turkey and deer hunt,three hunts at different times,that would be great if it could happen.
Again good luck in Africa.


I'm from Navarro County (just south of Corsicana). Self taught hunter, dad didn't hunt. Began hunting when I was in the Marine Corps. Married good. Her family is obsessive about hunting deer, elk, and antelope. They live in Western Montana. I love huntin' hogs about as much as hunting deer. I also hunt ducks, dove, and turkey here (turkey and some deer out in Runnells County). Most of my hunting is in Navarro, Hill, and Freestone Counties. I also visit my wife's family pretty much every November in Western Montana for elk, Mulies, and WT deer (still haven't bagged an elk yet - it's tough!). I use a Mossberg for ducks, dove, and turkey. Usually use a .30-.30 Marlin 336CS or.300 Wthby Mag (favorite right now) for hogs and deer, Just got a CZ-USA Model 3 .300WSM. I use a Red Dot on the LR, and a 4x16x50 Eagle Eye Optics Scope with coated glass, illuminated milldot reticle, adjustable focus, and adjustable paralax. I'll put the same scope on the CZ. This summer I will be bowhunting hogs for the first time. I have been shooting a bow for a couple of years now. It is a Martin Panther Magnum, Copper John Sight w/Sight Light, Whisker Buiscuit, Carbon Express Arrows, Muzzy 100gr BH and a Hawglite. My dream hunt would be either Alligator (thank God they just opened up Alligator season here), Brown Bear in Alaska, or Caribou up near the Arctic Circle. One of the ritzie hunts in Africa would be nice too for Greater Kudu or one of the big cats! Had a doe and a fawn in my back yard (50 yards from the house) the other day). My son was ecstatic! He is 5 and will begin going with me this fall when I hunt deer and turkey (although with him with me turkey will be from a stand, too (small sacrifice). Can't wait! Looking forward to reading your posts, pics, etc. Take care ya'll.


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Welcome aboard kevinr! The Texans just keep coming in, which is great. This is a great site and lots of good people here. Feel free to ask questions and just join in on the discussions.


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Welcome, kevinr, like bigswad always great to have another texan in the fold. Enjoy the site it's a great place to get info and meet allot of nice folks with a love for all things hunting and outdoors.


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Howdy Folks!

Just wanted to finally stop by and say hello to all. I moved from Southern Kalifornia (West Covina) to Keller, TX (Tarrant County) in March 2006 and I can say that I just love the more liberal gun laws here. I have been off my favorite activities such as hunting and fishing for a while since I had to first settle here in my new home state, but now that I'm pretty much settled in the Lone Star State I'm ready for some action.

I just signed up last week at the Fort Worth Trap and Skeet club to get back in shape, I have been a little rusty, but that's why I'm getting the pratice since dove season is coming up and it's coming fast. I'm also looking to see if I can hook a hunting lease or join an existing one that somebody already has and we can share all expenses.

Anybody else from DFW Metroplex area? Talk to me TEXAS!!!


he 1socalhunter. like you i hail from orange county close to you. i am in conroe, 45 miles north of houston for 2.5 years now. are you readjusted to texas yet? i am a bird hunter so if you want to share some cali to tx bird hunter changes let me know.


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im also from killeen texas, noticed a few of you are, the hunting good on fort hood? what about he public areas?

anyways look for me in the tradin post or something im lookin for a used 20 gauge.
if you have one PM me.



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Somehow I kept scrolling right past the regional forums. Anyhow, I'm from Texas - but I can't narrow it down to just one spot.

Born: Corpus Christi
Raised: Midland
HS: Katy
College (pre-Army): Arlington
Headed to (post-Army): Austin
Grandpa's Ranch - somewhere between Mirando City and Zapata
"Home" (where I've spent the majority of my Christmas mornings) - Beaumont/Port Arthur/Nederland

Usually, I just say "Texas" when asked where I am from. If they press more, I just say "the whole state!"


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Guess I'll toss my hat into the ring as well... I am origianlly from Ojai Ca, but the Army has put me in all kinds of places, most recently Ft Hood. I bought a house in Copperas Cove, so I call that home now. Hope to get some decent hunting in very soon. Perhaps I'll even make a few contacts here. Great place to network, that's for sure.
My friends are retiring from the millitary soon and are moving to Tomball, Magnolia? Anybody heard of these towns?
I am becoming tired of California and might follow them within the year.
Hopefully there will be some good hunting. Anybody know the terrain?


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Well Im from FtWorth and 25 years old. Im in the Marine Corps serving my second term. I was born and raised in ftworth and I aim to rest my soul there. I am married to an amazing woman and must say shes learned to stop askin how much this huntin gig costs. I grew up fishing as my number one but also been know to never miss Sept 1 for dove opener. I have hunted whitetail but yet to get my trophy. Lifes crazy when you travel the world (iraq) haha. But that aint to say I dont frequent the woods. I am in Cali currently. I hunt with archery, rifle and shotgun. My texas hunting was usually in Parker county and I love to fish

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